Saturday, November 5, 2016

WMD is Armed

Hello, happy internet peoples, it has been a while. Not that you all really care for any reason or another, but I figured that I would let you in as to why. Here's a really amazing post that will explain a little bit of the detail:

A Moment of Happiness…

We (Mrs. DTG and I) were honored to attend the wedding of our good friends, Chris & Whitney Dodge in the last couple weeks.  Besides enjoying the spectacular fall weather and local amenities, we were pleased beyond measure to see not only old friends but meet new ones as well; a good time was had by all, to say the least.   The reception dinner was superb; the cake topper was unique, and clearly stated what could have been the catch phrase for all of us who attended:

“I’ve got your back!”

We extend our best wishes for a happy marriage and life to Chris & Whitney!

That's right, my like minded friends. We got hitched. Mr. Tactical and I, enjoyed many friends and family coming together for an amazing evening of food, fun, music, and cake, that ended in us being a Mr. and Mrs. Thank you so much Mr and Mrs DTG for that awesome post, and I am so glad that you both could make it to celebrate with us. It really meant the world to me and my Mr.
As anyone that has ever had a wedding before, can tell you that it's one big cluster fuck of flowers, colors, favors, and a mass of decisions that matter to no one else but you, but damn it, those table decorations will be perfect. Basically you put yourself, your significant human, friends, and your parents through wedded bliss hell, for just a few hours of well planned lovitute. 
I will tell you that we are very relieved that it's over, but in all honesty, the day could not have been more perfect. Yes, things went wrong, but hey. The weather was amazing, my dress fit, and my tacti-husband was waiting for me at the end of that brick road (it wasn't yellow, but home was still there regardless). So there you have it. After about a year of planning and panic, one week of wanting to vomit out of sheer stress, one day that breezed by quicker than I would have thought possible, and one week in the wonderful warm Florida weather (with an amazing room and food...and stuff), we're back to reality, and stocking up for the impending doom...I mean, Election. Thank you to everyone that came (I know some of you read the blog) and we appreciate everyone that could make it out, and understand for those of you that could not. Love our Framily (friend/family).
WMD out for now ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Eat Slugs, You Know. The Shell-less Snail.

So it's come to this....I have never been so ashamed to have ever been affiliated with the disgrace that calls themselves the III % (3 people is more like it) society as I am right now. It's come to my attention that there has been some unwarranted trash mouth by a particular asshole (I guess an asshole has a purpose, and that's to spew shit) that's a major part (about the only part at this point...)of the III person society. So apparently it's come down to fat shaming. Really? You have nothing better to do with your time than to attack someone's wife that has not done a damn thing to you aside from support her husband?

"To be polite." Are you for real. (btw, we know you are also "anonymous". you aren't fooling anyone) You really have no other ground to stand on than to pick on a woman. A woman who's taking steps to better herself. I'm sorry, but unless you are in the peak of physical condition (which judging from pictures, you're not) you really shouldn't be pointing fingers. But I guess that goes to show that only the most attractive people are part of the III person society. All the glitz and the glamour of running every single one of your board members off must come with a bit of Diva Drama every now and again I guess...

I find the "slag(s)" addition interesting as well. I guess that includes me...well fuck. Because I really need validity from a man who can't own a gun (but...but...the knives). As far as referring to my friend the "meth head", I guess no one can make past mistakes huh? (extortion?...womp womp). The state of this movement has turned into a travesty. I guess you know when it's reached it's peak when you really have nothing else to go off of than calling someone's wife fat and ugly because they whooped your ass in court. It's like a really bad "your mama" joke. Yet again. Grow the fuck up. Guess I'll be on the chopping block next (get it...knives), not like I wasn't already:

Yup. that's it. I'm fat and ugly apparently (but I've got a great personality!!!!) Well, I'd rather be (apparently) fat and ugly, than an actual piece of shit (or, ugly on the inside...i guess that's where i was going with that). So if I am a slug, I'll wear that badge with pride. I support my Mr. Tactical. I am PROUD you hear me? I AM FUCKING PROUD, and will stand by him, because that is what you do with family and your friends. So suck a dick. (bahaha eat slugs... just letting the irony of this picture sink in...)

Lisa, you are beautiful and an amazing woman. Especially for putting up with this shit. Show Lisa some love here. We're all here to support each other. I guess we're all getting a little fed up with the

Vix out.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Fuck It Bucket

Well Hello....It's been a while. It's been hard to get motivated and find the time to give any fucks lately for anything. Lets just consider this me being lazy for a while. I transformed into a wee kitty cat and have just been working on being a badass (thus the laziness). Plus a lot of new exciting things were going on that meant, well, sorry, you guys took a back seat to everyone around me having babies. And lets face it. Even though they look like mini alien people, they are cute. and loud.

So it's come to my attention lately that there have been lots of names and things thrown around in the patriot community. It's really kind of funny at this point, like reading a very trashy tabloid, which is also funny, because I tend to avoid those in real life (because who really needs to continue seeing Kim Kardashian's ass). Everyone is so concerned with getting up in everyone else's shit that they aren't focusing on their own and how their tiny little paper town is burning to the ground. Guess what. Honestly? No one could give two shits who it is you decide to vote for. Honestly, they all suck. I have a friend who loves Hillary. I personally, think she's terrible. But you know what? I listen to her reasons as to why she wants to vote for her. Because I'm not an asshole. I may disagree with her, but i don't jump all over her, stick my finger in her face and tell her that she's wrong. Everyone has their own reasons. You don't have to shove yours down everyone's throats. This is not porn....

These things can be discussed without turning into freaking hyenas attacking a dead antelope. And all the name calling? That shows that you have ABSOLUTELY no grounds to stand on what so ever, and really, no class at all (you know who you are. for SHAME) Especially going after one's family for grounds of going after your original target. That's like getting in an argument with someone about waffles or pancakes:
Person 1: Oh, I really like pancakes, I think they are great, so fluffy.
Person2: Oh? I prefer waffles, but pancakes are cool.

Seriously. no one cares what your opinion is. (what's the saying? opinions are like assholes?) So stick that in your "shut the fuck up" cup and move on. I understand that some people LITERALLY have no other reason for living aside from trying to creep under someone's skin. (ew. skin people....flap flap flap) but life is short. Case in point: We recently had someone messaging my work saying that one form didn't include transgender as an option for registration. Not that they were transgender, but that if someone else was, they might be offended and that they read a lot about it on the news. Really? you literally had nothing better to do with your day then write to a company and complain about an issue that isn't even a problem you are having....I wish I had that much spare time in my life to not have to worry about real life problems, and mess with someone who is forced to converse with you. (LET ME LOVE YOU)

So anyway. I figured it was time for a good rant. I guess life has just been too peachy up until this point and it all finally had to spew out in a cloud of word vomit. I'm just sick of it. Everyone bickering back and forth and no one actually working towards the betterment of anything. One side blaming the other for things not working out. I'm sorry, but if this were a relationship, it would lead to a very nasty divided, house burned down, dog thrown out in the cold, gramma having to work the street corner, nasty. So, I'll just sit over here, surrounded by my future plans, watching these assholes slowly destroy themselves, lose follower after follower, and continue to ask for funds for things that don't even matter anymore (because it's everyone else's responsibility to fund your endeavors right?) Just going to continue to toss these things into the Fuck it Bucket. Really. Grow up.

Vixie is back in session

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

PSA, for Serious Though. Where's the Love.

It's been a while good people of the blogosphere. Life tends to do that. But, I had a bit of a slap in the face from life today. The reason for this new update is due to a text message that i sent today. I'm going to be a part of a very close friends wedding in the next few months, so I have to root around like a truffle pig (snuffle snuffle) to get everything I need, as well as find a hotel. Completely random, I texted my schmexy tactical with two hotel names. He automatically shot back a choice and that was that. That's when it hit me. Guys can be complete dicks (chicks too, everyone can be fucked over, kinda the point of some relationships).

Kind of a strange segway, I know. Bit of back story is needed in this situation i guess....I used to date a complete deuche. Like if I had texted this to the previous love interest, it would have been an automatic "who did you mean to send this to?" "who are you getting a hotel room with?" No trust whatsoever. No life outside of him. Like threatened to punch me in the throat for swatting his hand away because I was sick and not in the mood, deuche. Like drag me into the yard and slit my throat if he ever found out i cheated on him serious (his actual words). Like used to get in my face and scream at me awful. It was all around an awful situation and i was a bit broken for a long while after (which believe me, the shy, mistrusting, awkward nerd....totally hot right?).  Now, I'm not completely blameless but who ever really is? I should have left before it got to the point of resenting each other. But that's my mistake. You live and learn. I learned that I can be pretty awesome when placed with the best partner on the planet (BAM tactical awesomeness!)

POINT BEING! If you are going to be with someone, be with someone that gets you. Someone that supports you and doesn't abuse you mentally OR physically. How do you expect to handle a survival situation with someone that makes you step on eggshells? The whole point is you need a partner. Someone that you can work together with. Lets face it, how do you expect to get through life during the collapse if you are scared of or hate the person that you are with?

I understand that it's really difficult when you are in these types of situations...but really. Get out. I was stuck in my own personal hell for near on 5 years. I was afraid to leave. He made me believe that I was too high maintenance, that i was too hard to love, that no one else would ever love me. It's been hard to come to terms with this shit believe me. I came close to leaving so may times, just to be dragged back in because he would cry and tell me everything that i wanted to hear, and I was brainless and actually believed him. This is about self love. Not in the masturbatory sense...(I mean if you're into that thing, have at it) Care about yourself enough to do what is best with you. Create your own little sanctuary. (surrounded by all your lovely canned food, you know. color coordinated, organized by date)

Be with someone that makes you want to do better, to be better. If you can't find that person, or you cant be that person, you would be better off alone. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life (shit, I should be a motivational speaker...)

Fast forward to the now, I'm in a stable healthy relationship. Nothing is perfect, but I mean, how are you not in a great relationship if you shop for canned food together, collect medical supplies, go to the range, (which also helps with the whole releasing anger thing...I can think of a few faces that I picture on that target), both equally adore meat snacks (om nom nom carnivore love). I will admit, i never get used to it. Waking up to treats in my car, the hugs, the trust. But I do know that I have a great partner that will never let me down. You need that assurance that you will be able to rely on the person you are with, otherwise, what's the point? You wont survive anyway...

If you need help, get help. There is always someone willing to help, you just have to be strong enough to reach out and ask. Sorry for the serious Public Service Announcement. I swear, next time will be more cheeky and fun :) But hey, I got in a few right? 

Vix out

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wait...You Used This for What??

So I'm a bit of a videogame nerd and recently got through "The Last of Us" (amazingly epic game, great graphics and awesome story). But basically there is this disease that infects people and you start playing (really playing) 20 years after said outbreak. You find old tv's, laptops, toys; things that wont really have as much of a place in the new world if there is some kind of collapse. The world will basically be completely different for new generations. So really, there are going to be things that would not make any sense to anyone that didn't grow up in that time (guess it already works a little that way but meh, this coming generation are already zombies anyway).

I was at work the other day and I have this cup that I got at some Christmas event a couple of years ago, and it made me wonder about all the things that, in the case of complete economic shutdown, years later, wouldn't make any fucking sense.

"I hate mondays" : Kinda funny now, because....well Mondays suck (i guess only if you don't work weekends). But in the case of total shut down, everyday will pretty much thus the not making any sense.

The Kardashians: I mean, honestly. Have you ever seen a group of more useless people? (aside from the white house (new conspiracy: the Kardashians are running the white house...)) I'm sure the conversation would go like this: "sooo they were famous and got do nothing. They just did stuff and got paid for it? WTF I have to jump through hoops just to get my ration card..." Our society tries to glorify idiots who do nothing useful.

Most forms of currency: Unless it's edible, or has some form of use, currency won't really have much of a place in the world. I get a feeling that trade goods would become the new currency (or hell it could be bottlecaps like in fallout, or ration cards...).

Electronics: Honestly, that $1,000 Mac, or that expensive apple watch would just become glorified paper weights (and my gaming systems would never turn on again.....omg. I'd cry sad sad nerdy tears). Kinda one of those eye openers of spend money on trips/family, not things. Unless it's tactical things.....or guns....yes. Yet another reason why I have a nook, but still prefer to buy actual books. Other than just liking books...

Camping: Life will literally be like one big camping trip. People will not believe that you actually went out into the wilderness for "fun" and not for survival. You build a fire to stay warm and to cook food. "s'more, wtf is a s'more" (I mean real S'mores. not that BS yogurt/strawberry s'more they are trying to pass off now to be "healthy". S'mores aren't about healthy, they are about fucking american summer fire fun food. leave it alone) Soooo invest in sleeping bags....or supplies to make a hooch..

Non-hairy Women: I hate to say it because I love having legs as smooth as baby dolphins.....but most women will have to forego the razor due to lack of said razor, or due to trying to stay warmer. It's gonna suck. You're going to feel like you're snugglin a squatch....but hey. Furry love is better than no love at all...

Most forms of Communication: Not like you can hop in your land rover and go hit up your girl anytime you want. Cell Phones will be out (and the land rover). You'll most likely have to ruck over to see anyone, or try and set up a communication system like in The Postman....although not as cool because seriously...Kevin MFing Costner... (seriously though, good movie...)

Zoo's/Aquariums: Most of the animals that could escape, would escape, turning the world into a Safari. Sorry to say most of the Aquarium would be doomed though... (sorry Nemo)

This is all I could come up with currently, but I know that there are many many more. Feel free to comment with others that you can think of. Also, play The Last of'll thank me later....

Vix out...

Friday, June 12, 2015

*Public Service Announcement (Lady Balls Style)*

Well, it's come to my attention that my term has now been used on another well known blog that i have been aware of for quite some time (the blog that is); aware of it due to some unfortunate circumstances (I guess i should have trade marked the term huh?) SO if you see this, it's DEFINITELY not mine. Nor would I wish to be associated with this site at all (anymore. due to said unfortunate circumstances). Guess it's hard to come up with your own shit huh? Pretty sad really.

So anyway, I guess I'll have to come up with something newer and more innovative than Lady Balls to describe outstanding brave women with. To be honest, It's probably better this way....because balls are easily harmed (one tap and you've got yourself a genuine door stop). Vaginas can take a beating...

I know that I don't blog as much as I would like to (and as much as YOU would like as well *wink wink*) BUT that does not give the right to raid my shit like it's a Baltimore convenience store. That being said, ok fine, it isn't trademarked. Not like I'm going to take up every  Lady Balls web address, hoard all the Lady Balls, and not let it be used. But seriously? Very original thinking there....Although I guess that makes me quite the innovator in my early 20's.... (biggest form of flattery and all that)

Feel free to message anything you might be able to come up with to replace the term Lady Balls. I promise I wont STEAL your idea, (and if used, you would receive credit) I could honestly just use a laugh. Something like Uterine Warrior, or Vagina Viking (that's actually a pretty good one).

Vix Out

Monday, April 6, 2015

I'm Reloading, Hold My Purse (Lady Balls: Part Deux)

Per a very special request, here it is...THIS IS A CALL TO ALL WOMEN, GIRLS, AND SOME VERY VERY GIRLY BOYS! LEND ME YOUR....i was going to say vagina, but that isn't really what I how about your eyes? Eyes it is. So you ever watch a horror film with the fam or the sexy time friend and the main leading lady thing winds up running around screaming her head off instead of thinking through the problem? (and might consider that maybe continuously running upstairs is a bad idea). Well this post is in regards to survival and women. (hint: always run when the theme music starts playing)

So for starters, you ever really notice that majority of the time in any kind of outdoor/survival situation, those of the female persuasion tend to not be so into it (unless they are awesome of course)? I completely understand. Hanging out in the cold or heat is exhausting, not showering for days on end, also not fun. I really hate freeze dried food...and bugs....and sleeping on the ground, but all in all, I never get as good of a sleep as I do when I camp. But this isn't in regards to general camping, this is if by some chance (probably a good one) something catastrophic happens and you have to suck it the fuck up and survive.

I've heard from a few, that their female counterparts do not take part in their survival ideals. I.E. food storage, medical supply storage, stocking guns/ammo, communication. I personally have encouraged all of these by being there to support my better half, as well as financially. Do I enjoy spending my money on medical supplies or radios for the car? not particularly. I'm a gamer....enough said. But I also see the need for these things and feel like it would be best to be prepared. I do not want to have to rely on the kindness of others to survive because they will be trying to survive themselves. By the by, screaming your head off, crying, falling down (multiple times), whining, and generally being an asshole will help no one. Especially you. Because they will leave your ass behind or eat you. (om nom nom)

Here's a good example of what not to do: The Road. (SPOILER ALERT: it sucked balls) I absolutely hated this movie. It was like a guide on how to be a fucking idiot. I watched this a couple years ago with my man, him thinking it would be a good learning experience, me just getting pissed off. The woman; a wife, and mother to a young child, goes absolutely banana balls, gives up on life, her husband, and her child, and completely dips out saying "peace bitches, I'm outie" and waltzes off into the cold wearing just about nothing. Like are you kidding me?! What feeble minded mewling quim (thank you Avengers) just up and leaves because they don't feel like making any decisions anymore aside from being a little bitch. (the rest of the movie was just as terrible, but this being the beginning, kinda set the tone) What do we learn from this? Be more like the chick from Vikings.

It's time to take charge of yourself, calm yo tits, and support your supporter. Now in mine and Mr. Tacticals relationship, things are more or less even. When it comes to the more tactical things, I rely on him to lead me because he is the authority on such matters in this household. When it comes to the medical chest, (even though that shit makes me woozy) that is my domain. I organize that shit like a beeotch. But that just means that when something happens, I know where things are, everything is labeled and everything is in its own container. We both do the guns because....well because they're awesome. When the time comes and something does happen, we will be (some assemblance) of prepared. Is it going to be fun? Hell no. Am I looking forward to it?

But to me, the fact that I will be alive and that my family will be protected, means more to me than.....than....indoor plumbing. hot showers? ah shit I'd miss that. But it's still more worth it to me. You need to start taking responsibility for yourself. When things go to hell, you will have no one to blame for your short comings but yourself and anyone that you allow into your life that discourages being prepared. Anyone that you allow into your inner circle that has any kind of pull on your thoughts or actions should be of like mind, or they should stay just a friend or acquaintance.

We need to be supporters in every capacity (like a boobs). Supporters of our families, of our children, of our men (or women if you're into that kind of thing) and mainly, a supporter of ourselves. So seriously now, stop pushing things to the back of your mind because they are unpleasant. Stop putting off things that should be prepared now while you still have the ability to do so. So really,

Vix out!