Saturday, November 5, 2016

WMD is Armed

Hello, happy internet peoples, it has been a while. Not that you all really care for any reason or another, but I figured that I would let you in as to why. Here's a really amazing post that will explain a little bit of the detail:

A Moment of Happiness…

We (Mrs. DTG and I) were honored to attend the wedding of our good friends, Chris & Whitney Dodge in the last couple weeks.  Besides enjoying the spectacular fall weather and local amenities, we were pleased beyond measure to see not only old friends but meet new ones as well; a good time was had by all, to say the least.   The reception dinner was superb; the cake topper was unique, and clearly stated what could have been the catch phrase for all of us who attended:

“I’ve got your back!”

We extend our best wishes for a happy marriage and life to Chris & Whitney!

That's right, my like minded friends. We got hitched. Mr. Tactical and I, enjoyed many friends and family coming together for an amazing evening of food, fun, music, and cake, that ended in us being a Mr. and Mrs. Thank you so much Mr and Mrs DTG for that awesome post, and I am so glad that you both could make it to celebrate with us. It really meant the world to me and my Mr.
As anyone that has ever had a wedding before, can tell you that it's one big cluster fuck of flowers, colors, favors, and a mass of decisions that matter to no one else but you, but damn it, those table decorations will be perfect. Basically you put yourself, your significant human, friends, and your parents through wedded bliss hell, for just a few hours of well planned lovitute. 
I will tell you that we are very relieved that it's over, but in all honesty, the day could not have been more perfect. Yes, things went wrong, but hey. The weather was amazing, my dress fit, and my tacti-husband was waiting for me at the end of that brick road (it wasn't yellow, but home was still there regardless). So there you have it. After about a year of planning and panic, one week of wanting to vomit out of sheer stress, one day that breezed by quicker than I would have thought possible, and one week in the wonderful warm Florida weather (with an amazing room and food...and stuff), we're back to reality, and stocking up for the impending doom...I mean, Election. Thank you to everyone that came (I know some of you read the blog) and we appreciate everyone that could make it out, and understand for those of you that could not. Love our Framily (friend/family).
WMD out for now ;)


  1. Congrats! Pleased it turned out so well. Now, on the the apocalypse!!

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