Thursday, September 18, 2014

Here Cometh Thine Doom!

Sooooo I was driving to work through the week and heard on the radio that Oblaspheme is planning on sending 3,000 troops to Liberia to combat Ebola. I get a feeling that he doesn't realize you cant just poke it with pointy objects, and that its actually a very deadly virus. But as said by the pResident "Faced with this outbreak, the world is looking to us, the United States, and it's a responsibility that we embrace, we are prepared to take leadership on this, to provide the type of capabilities that only America has and mobilize our resources in ways that only America can do."That only Americans can do huh? I keep hearing this "we" word. (you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means)

 Last i checked....playing golf wasn't part of assisting. Only caring about one hole and that's your own...

So I told my work companion about this and she made a very good point: why is it our problem? PRECISELY. (indubitably, pip pip). I mean seriously. Fine, so they aren't "supposed" to be in direct contact with the infected. Well I'm pretty sure that those wonderful blankets the Native Americans were given weren't in direct contact with infected when they decimated most of the population with sicknesses that were unable to be overcome. (But at least they were warm and snuggly in those death blankets huh? gotta look at the positives...) So anyways. there apparently is "minimal" risk to them becoming sick as well as bringing it back with them. Uh HUH. Soooooo basically you're telling me that out of 3,000 people, there isn't going to be one sick person to slip through the cracks, come home and cause Resident Evil all over again?(but instead of zombies, people will just be bleeding internally and externally, losing function of organs, and ya know...shitting themselves to death...) It's so bad, we have to send a BRIGADE over, but the threat is MINIMAL. I...just....I can't...(brain...slowly...stopping)

 Not to mention that you can take around 2-3 weeks to start showing symptoms. With no real treatment available and a death rate of 50-90%, on the off chance that you do survive, the virus can stay in your body for about 7 weeks in your bodily fluids (not to mention, in a dudes baby batter for about two one wants ebola infected lady bits...)

So all this shit that only America can do. Well, I'm pretty sure that I don't need someone making decisions for me (been doing it on my own for at least 3 years now) and volunteering up space and money for all this aid. Sending people over seas to combat a virus that we don't even have a way to help...why. And all those making their way IN to the country and not being escorted out with a nice cock of a shot gun to put a little giddyup in their step for good measure (a little juan on juan time jajajaja) What are we? Obama's ward for wayward illegals? Seems like it is coming to that.

I MEAN SERIOUSLY. SOMEONE HAD THE FUCKING PLAGUE. I mean, I enjoy going to the Renaissance fair about once a year, and hey corsets are pretty huggy, but seriously. What medieval shit is this? HARK! I haveth thine plague! I requireth some assistance! Letteth me taketh thine funds and useth them for mine relatives!(and their relatives and all their kids, and their kids kids etc etc etc) So then we will have plague infected zombies roaming America. I mean most of them are basically zombies anyways.

Not to mention all the other nasty things being brought back due to lack of vaccinations (but i digress). And people wonder why this country is going to shit. Not to mention people that take the constitution seriously are being seen as nut jobs but hey. What do I know. I'm just a girl.

Vix out.

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  1. you may be "just a girl"... but you're a smart one... and that my dear, is as deadly as any warrior can ever hope to be... great post.