Sunday, November 2, 2014

Natures Little Wonder: Bee Vom

So lately I have been looking into different types of natural remedies mainly in part to some of the great suggestions I've gotten from my ever so clever readers. Clove oil for this, lemon oil for that, etc etc. One of the main things that I've been looking into stockpiling is HONEY.

Give that Bitch some Honey, Bitches LOVE Honey

See this 5lb monster? Yeah. local sweet gold. 18 bucks. You know what it can be used for? LOTS. Bee vomit can be used as an antibiotic, sweetener. OH THE POSSIBILITIES! We picked this guy up at one of those roadside stands on my yearly hunt for apples for my homemade applesauce. Seems like a bit of an expense, but if you think about it, pure, unprocessed (with all that junk in it like they have at the grocery store, sorry little honey bear...) never goes bad and it can be used for so many things. 

Honey can be used for wound care. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and has also been shown to hamper E. coli, salmonella, as well as fight staph. (you go little bee) I've also read that a tablespoon mixed with cinnamon can actually help with bladder infections as well. It can also be used to reduce inflammation in pimples. So there ya go. Keeping you pretty during the apocalypse brought to you by MDV ;) 

Do not give to babies though, until they are over a year old. Also, although not actually proven, if you get really bad allergies, you can start taking doses of local honey to build up an immunity to them. Some people don't really believe this, but hey, it actually worked for my brother so it really couldn't hurt. Now could it. (suck it up buttercup) I personally dislike the taste of honey, but it's uses outweigh the momentary "ew ew ew get it out of my mouth" feeling. For example: Buckwheat Honey:

The best way for me to describe Buckwheat Honey, is that it smells like a wet dog (tastes a little less like a wet dog, but really, it isn't so bad). I was at work with a terribly sore throat, and a coworker that actually raises bees handed me this. A spoonful of this every so often through the day, coats the throat (with it's antibacterial properties) and also works as a cough suppressant (or if that doesn't work, you could always just shove the jar in their mouth). I hated the taste, but it really helped. (and as with this jar, it starts to crystallize, but all you need to do is warm it up and it goes liquid again). It's like those nasty lemon honey cough drops, but you don't have to suck on it for like an hour (torture).

For me and Mr. Tactical, we actually got these to put into our bug-out bags:

Also purchased from the man with the bees, it's in an easy to use pouch (if crystallized, just stick in warm water. So it's simple in that aspect as well) with resealable spout. Good source of sugar if needed, and its antibacterial uses in the great outdoors. (Just hopefully it isn't bear season..... or ant season....) I was able to get six of these, two for our packs, and the remaining four for the pantry. (I can actually start stocking and supplying this if anyone is interested....if not....more for me anyways. And look at that sweet tactical packaging label).

Anyways, with the recent start of the preparation of our medical footlocker, This is also getting added into that box. Honey has many great uses and will never go bad, so you don't have to worry about using it within a certain amount of time, and really, can you afford not to have something like this? Prepare yourself. Use the time that you have to insure that you and your family will be comfortable and safe. Find natural options that can be gotten if commercial medication is not available. 

In short, bee bulimia is a benefit to you that you should really look into. Honey and it's many uses would definitely help in a SHTF situation and could also be used as a barter good (just like mini booze, but more useful....) And for serious. Look at this happy dude. You wish you could be as obliviously happy as this bear (silly bear).

Vix Out


  1. I definitely would like to buy a few of the pouches,just let me know what I need to do to get them on the way-and I'll buy some.

  2. I can get them, how many were you looking for? It would be $7 per pouch plus shipping, or 10 or more, 6 per plus shipping. I just have to purchase a quantity.

  3. It is supposed to be a good burn treatment as well. I keep a gallon of Tupelo around, for all those reasons you stated, plus it's delicious.

    Great post, thanks for spreading good info.

  4. I would like to have some of those tactical honey packages. How do we order?

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  6. Just let me know how many you need. I'll get them in stock, get the shipping amount and send them to you

  7. Good stuff Vix, one of our tribe members has an aviary of two large hives. I stock quart mason jars (glass). Got about a dozen put back, combined with chamomile or mint tea, this stuff is the shitz for colds and flus too.

  8. I can vouch for bee honey as an antiseptic for wound care. I knicked myself not once, but twice on separate occasions (chaps on hand now) using a chain saw (I know-dumb ass) and used honey in the wounds. I feel the wounds healed quicker than had I used a Triple Antibiotic and the pain minimal.
    I read where the honey creates a type of peroxide and helps seal the wound. Good alternative to sugar in tea, oatmeal and rice krispies too!

    1. Mmmm, black tea, honey, and milk, the elixir of the Gods...;-)

  9. Great job, Vix! Pingback coming.

  10. I'll ask a few friends today,to see if I can get more than the 4 pouches I would need,and get back to you end of day today,or tomorrow am latest.

  11. Ooops,forgot to include this in my comment about getting friends to go in on the honey pouches.

    I have developed an allergy to triple antibiotic ointment,and all 3 of the individual antibiotics contained in them. It's bad enough it causes lips and tongue to swell,no matter where the cut it's applied to is located.
    My doc knows I hunt in places far from medical care,he told me if I do not have the only prescription antibacterial ointment I can use-a product called Bactroban, drug name is mupirocin, then to use pure honey,and not the garbage sold in grocery stores.
    I asked a second doc about using honey,and he agrees.

  12. I kept bees for few years back in the 1980's. We are just now getting into the last gallon I harvested back then. Very tasty stuff, much better than the bland, overprocessed crap sold in grocery stores. By all means hit the roadside stands.

  13. I would be interested in 8 - 10 of those pouches as well. Let me know!

  14. Order form is all together...don't judge, I don't have microsoft word....Anyways, send email to and I will send you the form