Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Motivational and Shit

So it's come to my attention that there has been a bunch of hate going on lately in our small community and it has pretty much touched everyone (like that creepy dude no one wants to be around at parties). So seriously. Get Your Shit. Karma will sort it out so really, it's ok. So much hate has been flying around and much of it is a bunch of bull. So really. Control people....

Go eat a cheese burger. Have awesome sex. Watch a movie. Take a nap. I mean seriously calm yo tits. I wish i had the cheeseburger but i fully intend on doing the other things at some point today.

 The only thing that you can do in the current situation, is be yourself, trust in god (if you so choose, not trying to go all religious debate here) and chill the eff out. You don't have to answer to anyone at the end of the day but yourself. So if you're fucking up, fix it. If you're fucking someone over, fix it. If you need to be fucked, fix it (in a non-rapey way). It is up to you to decide what is and is not ok in your life, and fix it. Or to accept the shit that happens, and just live your life and move on. If your sole purpose is to try and sabotage someone....seriously....check yourself. See what is wrong in your life and make a change...possibly into an awesome whale.

I'm not saying I'm not guilty of this. I just realized that it isn't important to let others screw with you without your consent. Trying to fuck with someones life is a personal issue and maybe you should consider getting your head checked....or see a therapist...or that super cool whale. I have so many issues. I have problems, I have a job, I have a life, I have a boyfriend, and I make so many mistakes. But that is life. The point is to recognize the bad and bomb the shit out of that m'fer.

Ok so enough ranting. Just some shit to consider. Also a cute pibble confused about strawberries....