Monday, June 23, 2014

Lady Balls

Ok, let's face it. There are some things that our guys are better growing facial hair (well...for some people), picking things up and putting them down, peeing standing up...(unless you have one of these...) and just in general, things that are considered to be guy things. When I was growing up, i was always being told by my dad that it was a mans job to take care of me. However, as I've matured, I've realized that no man is going to want to take care of someone that can't take care of themselves (and that goes for women too).

 I've always wanted to show that I could pull my weight and do my part whether it be with regular household chores or helping with family matters as well. This is basically the point of this post. I feel like some women do not give themselves enough credit (apparently myself included) for the things that they do, especially when it comes to survival. I know that in myself and Mr. Tactical's household, there is a standard for protection, preparedness, and precaution. This is something that is always part of a conscientious decision to prepare and stock for any situation to sustain myself, my man, and any little ones that may eventually be cause for concern. 

This includes preparedness outside the home. Due to the possibility of EMP, solar flare, or other disaster happening while I'm at work (which is an hour away from home), there is always a bug out bag in my vehicle just in-case I get stranded at work, or along the side of the road with food and the possibility of a shelter if need be. This is something that I think everyone should have in their cars just as a safety precaution and basically just for common sense. Unfortunately, most people don't really see this as a necessity because they can just whip out their phone and call a tow...unless phones aren't working. Then what? People think I'm paranoid because i think of the "what if's" and the "then whats". I think it's a bit of proper planning, or you'll find yourself "proper fucked" (you like dags?)

I think it is great if you take an interest in your own safety. This goes for everyone. However, if you are in a relationship, you owe it to your partner, and you owe it to yourself to be squared away. Hell, you owe it to your family. Too many times have I seen women stand by while their men take care of everything, then when things go to shit, they don't know what to do or how to make decisions. This is a huge problem and could get people you care about injured or killed. I feel that women should have just as much training or at least some working knowledge of firearms, survival, and doing things outdoors (you can sleep outside, believe it or not). Who knows, you might be placed in a situation where the only person taking care of you, is you.

You have as much at stake as the men do, if not more if you have children. I applaud those women that have stepped up and took responsibility for their own safety and became an active part in preparing with your family. This world needs strong women, but the right kind of strong women. Believe it or not, there is always something that can be done. Whether it is buying a couple of spare cans of food each grocery store visit, or stocking up on medical supplies here and there, there is always a way to contribute. Now, are you willing to do your part? Do you have the balls (lady balls, thank you Megan) to protect everything you love?

Vix out

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You're Right. YOU shouldn't Have A Gun...

So this morning, during my normal facebook morning update, I came across a post that a friend had put on their page. Something about it just put me in such a state of " he serious?" that I just had to say my piece. Below is the image (edited because I'm such a nice person) that was posted to his page and his comment:

For this story, I have included the link. Basically what happened, was some dumbass was having an argument with his girlfriend, gun in hand, and it went off. Their 2 year old son happened to be standing outside, when the bullet went through a window and hit him. He later died. Now, at the bottom you will notice, that it states that this man in question is A FUCKING CONVICTED FELON! You know...someone whom for all intents and purposes, IS NOT SUPPOSED TO OWN A GUN. Although for starters, making light of the death of a child, "if only the kid had a gun to defend himself" on it's own is pretty fucked up...lets take this a little deeper shall we? (you know you want to). So. Increasing the amount of gun laws prevents law abiding citizens the ability to LEGALLY acquire a firearm, thus preventing them from being able to defend themselves from attackers. Ok same page. continue. Criminals. Criminals do not use legal means to obtain firearms. So per that fact, the new gun laws do not effect them in the slightest and they can continue dealin smack in da hood (or what have you) or smackin up on their baby mama's. Or in this case, waving a gun at said baby mama.

That gun did not have a conscious thought to shoot that child. It wasn't laying on the table untouched thinking "man i wanna waste something...that's lagging behind the rest like a baby wilda beast...he will be mine".  Nope. Didn't happen. My firearm lays in a drawer all day. It doesn't all of a sudden jump out and go hunting for my pets. What this is, is bad parenting. You have a two year old outside, while you are inside, waving a gun at your girlfriend during an argument. I don't know about you, but normally i just make snarky passive aggressive comments and maybe "accidentally" give something to the dog to destroy (what...what...i don't know where that went) And although I'm sure that men (and women) drive you crazy sometimes, i can't remember ever thinking waving my pistol around would be a good idea.  Mainly because I am a responsible adult as well as a responsible gun owner. I mean seriously. Let me lay some knowledge. Gun homicide rates are down. Link provided for all those fun boring statistics etc. etc.

Taking rights away from those that obey the law, so that you "might prevent more firearms getting into the hands of criminals" is the dumbest thing I've heard since vajazzling. If you don't know what that is...look it'll thank me later. Criminals will always find a way. You take away guns, they will use something else. Stabbings for instance. You gonna start banning butter knives? Oh you can only use a butter knife while buttering biscuits (lol) but not toast. toast is hard and can cut the roof of your mouth...ban on toast. Where does it end?

So anyways, i had to comment, and it spiraled into this huge debate where eventually my brother commented to the original post: "if only the kid had a gun to defend himself" with a swift "or maybe a dad that wasn't a convicted felon". Now I understand that accidents happen, and that some people wind up in jail for things that are outside their control. However. When it gets into judging a scenario based off of someone that was not supposed to have access to a gun shooting their child and making light of that fact by making a joke about if that kid had had a way to defend themselves, is going too far. Maybe, just MAYBE, it would have been more apropos to blame bad parenting.

So this is what had me fired up this morning, and it took all I had not to go to work late and start this post. But here you go. I did the RESPONSIBLE thing and went to work. How much better would we be if everyone started taking responsibility for their fuck ups instead of blaming it on inanimate objects? And on a side note...I'm just going to leave this here...because this is exactly how i feel when i see some dude posting anti-gun.

Vix out.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Man Chooses, A Slave Obeys...

During the past couple weeks, I've been finding it hard to find time to put my thoughts together about what to work on next....that and I've had some downtime to work on other things as well. In particular, I've been playing a couple of games in the Bioshock series and it kinda had me thinking. In the most recent, its a city in the sky, where basically they did not agree with the politics during that time period so they seceded  into a floating city where they could govern themselves led by a "prophet" who pretty much controlled everything anyways. It made me think about how today, nobody cares about what is going on, they will just blindly do what they are told because it is easier and doesn't take any thought. Most in my generation either do not care about the state of the country or how the president doesn't care about their rights and is willing to take them away to make it easier for him to further his own agenda. The lies, the executive orders, and the backhanded deals, but hey "what difference does it make".

I remember when Obama was elected. I was in college, an I had a friend from South Africa that was with me when it happened. He was so happy to have a "black president" and didn't really understand what was happening, but then again, he didn't care. He couldn't even vote anyways so really, it didn't effect him in the slightest what was happening to our country that day. That is what happened with most college students. They wanted to have something different. My roommate voted for him (which she later apologized for). I was surrounded by sheeple...
Instead of doing the research, instead of looking at the bills he wanted to put through during his presidency....the thought scared me even then. I'm sure they are beginning to understand now, now that they are working for themselves, paying bills, and wondering where their paycheck is going and what the government is doing with it. Wondering how those on EBT can have an iphone and get the newest Nike's? Yeah well they didn't work for it, it comes out of the paychecks of those actually working 9-5 without the ability to afford most necessities let alone the latest and greatest. But that's ok right? were contributing to the greater good of those less fortunate. From an early age, i was taught that you get what you work for. Guess that that no longer applies...

I honestly still do not understand how our "great and powerful leader" is still in office... HE IS TRYING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS PEOPLE!!! AND YOU DON'T FUCKING CARE!!! This is what is wrong with our once great nation. It was built on the belief that we were getting out from under a tyrannical ruler, but now we have just replaced it with another. Your right to free speech, your right to keep and bear arms, they are looking to take these things away. They've started performing warrant-less search and seizure of homes, hell, how lawful is throwing a flashbang grenade through an open window where it "accidentally" lands in a babies play pen and injures the child so much that they have to induce a coma? Where is the outrage? Where is the public standing up and saying "enough is enough, you don't own me". Everyone has gotten so stuck on their routine and being so glued to technology that they care more about the newest iphone or gadget then about the NSA invading their privacy or the safety of their family. Or those that expect someone else to pay for their kids because they don't have a job...  This....there is no explanation for this. But this is what has happened to our nation.

The upcoming generation needs a serious bitch slap right in the reality. I have never seen a group so entitled and spoiled in my life. If i had spoken to my parents the way that most kids do today, i would have gotten slapped in the mouth and sent to my room as i would quiver in fear. Now, you would get sent to jail or put on probation for child abuse. A child can utter the words "child protective services" and parents are now the one's quivering. However, they do not understand that they are the problem. "my child isn't spoiled they are just well provided for"....yes, and everyone else that is in the store while your child is having a meltdown over not getting what they want is thinking..."aw how sweet" NO they are thinking "man, that kid is an asshole".

Now, I personally do not have children, but when I do make that decision, A. I will be providing for my children and not expecting anyone else to do so, and B. will not let technology raise my child because i don't want to do it. I mean really, sometimes I almost wish for an EMP, just so people will lift their eyes from their smartphone and see what is happening in the world. Something has seriously got to change. Per my title (thank you Steel Ibeam and Bioshock :) and btw this applies to women too) A Man Chooses. A Slave Obeys....which are you?

Vix out