Saturday, November 5, 2016

WMD is Armed

Hello, happy internet peoples, it has been a while. Not that you all really care for any reason or another, but I figured that I would let you in as to why. Here's a really amazing post that will explain a little bit of the detail:

A Moment of Happiness…

We (Mrs. DTG and I) were honored to attend the wedding of our good friends, Chris & Whitney Dodge in the last couple weeks.  Besides enjoying the spectacular fall weather and local amenities, we were pleased beyond measure to see not only old friends but meet new ones as well; a good time was had by all, to say the least.   The reception dinner was superb; the cake topper was unique, and clearly stated what could have been the catch phrase for all of us who attended:

“I’ve got your back!”

We extend our best wishes for a happy marriage and life to Chris & Whitney!

That's right, my like minded friends. We got hitched. Mr. Tactical and I, enjoyed many friends and family coming together for an amazing evening of food, fun, music, and cake, that ended in us being a Mr. and Mrs. Thank you so much Mr and Mrs DTG for that awesome post, and I am so glad that you both could make it to celebrate with us. It really meant the world to me and my Mr.
As anyone that has ever had a wedding before, can tell you that it's one big cluster fuck of flowers, colors, favors, and a mass of decisions that matter to no one else but you, but damn it, those table decorations will be perfect. Basically you put yourself, your significant human, friends, and your parents through wedded bliss hell, for just a few hours of well planned lovitute. 
I will tell you that we are very relieved that it's over, but in all honesty, the day could not have been more perfect. Yes, things went wrong, but hey. The weather was amazing, my dress fit, and my tacti-husband was waiting for me at the end of that brick road (it wasn't yellow, but home was still there regardless). So there you have it. After about a year of planning and panic, one week of wanting to vomit out of sheer stress, one day that breezed by quicker than I would have thought possible, and one week in the wonderful warm Florida weather (with an amazing room and food...and stuff), we're back to reality, and stocking up for the impending doom...I mean, Election. Thank you to everyone that came (I know some of you read the blog) and we appreciate everyone that could make it out, and understand for those of you that could not. Love our Framily (friend/family).
WMD out for now ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Eat Slugs, You Know. The Shell-less Snail.

So it's come to this....I have never been so ashamed to have ever been affiliated with the disgrace that calls themselves the III % (3 people is more like it) society as I am right now. It's come to my attention that there has been some unwarranted trash mouth by a particular asshole (I guess an asshole has a purpose, and that's to spew shit) that's a major part (about the only part at this point...)of the III person society. So apparently it's come down to fat shaming. Really? You have nothing better to do with your time than to attack someone's wife that has not done a damn thing to you aside from support her husband?

"To be polite." Are you for real. (btw, we know you are also "anonymous". you aren't fooling anyone) You really have no other ground to stand on than to pick on a woman. A woman who's taking steps to better herself. I'm sorry, but unless you are in the peak of physical condition (which judging from pictures, you're not) you really shouldn't be pointing fingers. But I guess that goes to show that only the most attractive people are part of the III person society. All the glitz and the glamour of running every single one of your board members off must come with a bit of Diva Drama every now and again I guess...

I find the "slag(s)" addition interesting as well. I guess that includes me...well fuck. Because I really need validity from a man who can't own a gun (but...but...the knives). As far as referring to my friend the "meth head", I guess no one can make past mistakes huh? (extortion?...womp womp). The state of this movement has turned into a travesty. I guess you know when it's reached it's peak when you really have nothing else to go off of than calling someone's wife fat and ugly because they whooped your ass in court. It's like a really bad "your mama" joke. Yet again. Grow the fuck up. Guess I'll be on the chopping block next (get it...knives), not like I wasn't already:

Yup. that's it. I'm fat and ugly apparently (but I've got a great personality!!!!) Well, I'd rather be (apparently) fat and ugly, than an actual piece of shit (or, ugly on the inside...i guess that's where i was going with that). So if I am a slug, I'll wear that badge with pride. I support my Mr. Tactical. I am PROUD you hear me? I AM FUCKING PROUD, and will stand by him, because that is what you do with family and your friends. So suck a dick. (bahaha eat slugs... just letting the irony of this picture sink in...)

Lisa, you are beautiful and an amazing woman. Especially for putting up with this shit. Show Lisa some love here. We're all here to support each other. I guess we're all getting a little fed up with the

Vix out.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Fuck It Bucket

Well Hello....It's been a while. It's been hard to get motivated and find the time to give any fucks lately for anything. Lets just consider this me being lazy for a while. I transformed into a wee kitty cat and have just been working on being a badass (thus the laziness). Plus a lot of new exciting things were going on that meant, well, sorry, you guys took a back seat to everyone around me having babies. And lets face it. Even though they look like mini alien people, they are cute. and loud.

So it's come to my attention lately that there have been lots of names and things thrown around in the patriot community. It's really kind of funny at this point, like reading a very trashy tabloid, which is also funny, because I tend to avoid those in real life (because who really needs to continue seeing Kim Kardashian's ass). Everyone is so concerned with getting up in everyone else's shit that they aren't focusing on their own and how their tiny little paper town is burning to the ground. Guess what. Honestly? No one could give two shits who it is you decide to vote for. Honestly, they all suck. I have a friend who loves Hillary. I personally, think she's terrible. But you know what? I listen to her reasons as to why she wants to vote for her. Because I'm not an asshole. I may disagree with her, but i don't jump all over her, stick my finger in her face and tell her that she's wrong. Everyone has their own reasons. You don't have to shove yours down everyone's throats. This is not porn....

These things can be discussed without turning into freaking hyenas attacking a dead antelope. And all the name calling? That shows that you have ABSOLUTELY no grounds to stand on what so ever, and really, no class at all (you know who you are. for SHAME) Especially going after one's family for grounds of going after your original target. That's like getting in an argument with someone about waffles or pancakes:
Person 1: Oh, I really like pancakes, I think they are great, so fluffy.
Person2: Oh? I prefer waffles, but pancakes are cool.

Seriously. no one cares what your opinion is. (what's the saying? opinions are like assholes?) So stick that in your "shut the fuck up" cup and move on. I understand that some people LITERALLY have no other reason for living aside from trying to creep under someone's skin. (ew. skin people....flap flap flap) but life is short. Case in point: We recently had someone messaging my work saying that one form didn't include transgender as an option for registration. Not that they were transgender, but that if someone else was, they might be offended and that they read a lot about it on the news. Really? you literally had nothing better to do with your day then write to a company and complain about an issue that isn't even a problem you are having....I wish I had that much spare time in my life to not have to worry about real life problems, and mess with someone who is forced to converse with you. (LET ME LOVE YOU)

So anyway. I figured it was time for a good rant. I guess life has just been too peachy up until this point and it all finally had to spew out in a cloud of word vomit. I'm just sick of it. Everyone bickering back and forth and no one actually working towards the betterment of anything. One side blaming the other for things not working out. I'm sorry, but if this were a relationship, it would lead to a very nasty divided, house burned down, dog thrown out in the cold, gramma having to work the street corner, nasty. So, I'll just sit over here, surrounded by my future plans, watching these assholes slowly destroy themselves, lose follower after follower, and continue to ask for funds for things that don't even matter anymore (because it's everyone else's responsibility to fund your endeavors right?) Just going to continue to toss these things into the Fuck it Bucket. Really. Grow up.

Vixie is back in session