Saturday, December 13, 2014

Homeopathic Merriment and Scottish Smut

Over the past weekend, I took a trip with my mom and sister in law to Iowa. Why Iowa? (yeah, wtf is in Iowa) well, my moms favorite author was in town for a convention aptly named "Thru The Stones" for the Outlander series, ie: Scottish smut book. (They're amazing btw....and the idea was based off of early Doctor Who episodes...and we met the author and Graham McTavish...the beard....) All in all, (aside from no schmexy boyfriend) it was an amazing weekend, and my moms best birthday to date.

Being as I work in the convention and housing field, it was a bit weird going to a convention. They offered classes geared towards the time period where the books take place (which is 18th century Scotland). I wound up taking the 18th century medical class, Scottish dance, BEEEEEES, and Edible Landscape (geared towards Iowa.....that really helps me here on the east coast....)

Kind of interesting and probably important information to know, the medicine class was geared towards what plants have what purposes and the bee class was all about beekeeping (and for some reason how to make pie crust....) But anyways, there was quite a bit of useful information that I figured i would share since mostly all you have to do is plant some shit or build a bee box and BAM partial self sufficiency. Edible Landscape was kind of a bust aside from "plant some trees!" so i left early...that and my sister in law was making faces and dancing through the door window...

So for starters: FUN PLANTS! plants that have other properties that will be very useful if you are unable to get modern medicines.

So first off, there are the ways that these can be used: Tincture, Compress, Poultice, and Ointments/Salves.

Tincture: Macerate in alcohol/water for 7-14 days and then strain and compress. It can be used topically or internally (in moderation).
Compress: Use clean linen (cheese cloth or muslin) soak in the Tincture.
Poultice: Crushed/Ground herbs adding water, whiskey, or fat to moisten if the herbs are dried. Apply to skin, make sure it is hot/warm temperature. Used for burns/open wounds. you layer cloth/herbs to prevent sticking, and often covered with wool flannel to preserve heat.
Ointment/Salves: Base of lard/butter/suet/lanolin/goose or duck grease. Addition of powdered herbs or strong tee, add bees wax to add firmness (yeah...bees ;) I plan on making my own ointment later once i collect all the ingredients, and I'll do a post on that at a later date)

Speedweed: (no. not quick pot delivery) Can be made into a tea. Good for cough, ulcers (internal, external), gout, skin diseases (eczema/psoriasis), good diaphoretic, alterative, expectorant, also effective for conditions of the chest and kidneys.

Comfrey: Use the root, or main leaf rib: (SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER) can be used after smashage, and placed on effected area, or used with a poultice in a paste form.
Use externally for bruises, sprains, dislocations, wounds, burns, ulcers, and skin disorders.
Internal uses include ulcers, stomach/intestine irritation, urinary tract, helps promote callus formation in fractures, reduces inflammation in tendon sheath, arthritis, hematoma, and swollen glands.

Yarrow: Use flowers and leaves: can be made into a Tincture (10-30 drops 1-4x/day) Use as tea (1 tsp/cup of water 1-4x/day), Poultice, or used topically.
It is an anti-inflammatory and astringent, strengthens the urinary tract system, veins, mucus membranes, anti-fungal, styptic, diaphoretic, and anodyne. Used as a tea (which is safer than the tincture): Taken hot, it induces sweating, taken cold it can be a diuretic. It can help with the first stage of colds/fevers, bleeding, hemorrhoids, and Shark week problems.

Calendula: Use flowers prior to opening. Use as a tea (2-3 heaping Tbsp per cup of water) Use as tincture (1:5 ratio of plant to 20% Alchohol base...dont use too much) Use as a cytophylactic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, lymphagogue, antiviral/bacterial, choleretic, and demulcent. (I knew what these meant in the class, feel free to do your own research BIG wordsss :) Can be used on wounds, burns, bruises, boils, and rashes. Caution for preggers ladies thoug, has abortifacient effects. So a no go for the baby trains.

Plantain: (om nom nom) Use the leaves. Tincture: (1:1 ratio 15-40 drops 1-4x/day) Poultice fresh leaves. Use as an antiseptic, anti-bacterial, astringent, diuretic, and anti-inflammatory. Can be used to draw out splinters, help with UTI and respiratory infection. It is also good to add to cough syrup and is anti-inflammatory to mucus membranes.

Garlic: (Om nom nom) Use the cloves. Can be used as an anti-microbial/bacterial/fungal/parasitic. Mild anti-coagulant, diuretic, naturetic, anti-spasmodic, hypoglycemic, anti-thrombotic, it protects the liver, inhibits tumor growth, supports immune function, decreases plaque buildup in the arteries, good for infectious diseases, clears up dysentery (if only i had had this while playing the Oregon trail) reduces peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, and liver disease. Garlic is pretty much the shiz.

I have more, but my hand is starting to cramp (bad flashbacks of college writing) so to that I say To Be Continued...

(The woman that did this class's name is Pamela Taylor ND and she has a book so yeah. consider it)

For the bees, there was a lot of instruction on bee keeping, ordering bees, how to drain the honey from the comb, and how to clean the wax to use for candles, ointments etc. (it takes 7lbs of honey to make 1lb of wax....lots of hard work) It also takes 90lbs of honey to get a box of bees through the winter, they also included a list of annuals, perennials, vegetables, trees, and shrubs that attract honeybees. speaking of honey, did I mention i sell honey? I know I have, and Oh Em Gee, look. Buckwheat honey! It's sooooo dark and rich and full of vitamins and antioxidants! DELICIOUS and in fun tactical packs! (glamour shot glamour shot)

Ok I'm done :) I will do a more in depth instruction on bees for my next post because it really is pretty interesting. I know i took too many notes. I'll post the honey/cooking recipes too. BTW did you know that honey on buttered biscuits is DELICIOUS? I found that out. I don't even like honey but this was like crack (not that i know what crack is like, but i've heard it has quite addictive qualities) I've been dreaming about it all week (biscuits, not crack).

Vix out

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ermahgerd Appersauce (Canning and YOU)

So every fall season for the past three years (yes. three glorious years with Mr. Tactical, where did the tacti-time go...) I've been canning homemade applesauce. Typically I make around 3-4 batches and then can them for later use. (or holiday gifts, my dad loves this stuff....) Last year i was able to make around 18 pint ball jars for storage. It's really not that difficult honestly (just a bit time consuming), and it will help you stock up and prepare for the tough months ahead. Canning is a good way to supplement your food supply that has quite a long shelf life. We have canned spaghetti sauce we received from a family member. Canned jam, fruit, veggies. Get a dehydrator. Educate yourself. You have the ability to grow, and save your own personal stock of noms. We have apple and peach trees where we live. It's a good idea to get something that basically provides for you every year so you can continue to prepare. I mean, look at this:

Delicious apple nom noms. Honestly, i don't like applesauce, but I like mine. Find something that you can make that will keep, and that you like, or can fix up so you like it. You can doctor many things. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH FOOD STOCKED UP.

Being as the winter months are coming up, you need to consider the possibility that if you live in an area that gets bad weather, you may be stuck in your home without a way to go get provisions. Do you have a way to keep warm? Do you have food put away? We have about 5 loaves of bread in our freezer. I never thought i would be one of those crazy people who freezes bread. Powdered milk. Rice. Possibly something to spice up the rice since rice sucks.....same thing with the beans....hate beans. But beans and rice make a whole protein so there you go (still hate beans). Hunt. It's hunting season. Get deer. Rabbit. Squirrel (actually quite tasty). Get a bear. Have a bear skin rug. Put it in front of the fire and keep warm (you know. all romantic and shit. How awesome would that be. I killed you this bear...). You don't want to be stuck having to break into a Dorito truck like those people in Buffalo that got snowed in (how romantic. I brought you Doritos. not anywhere near as cool as "hey i brought you a bear" but i guess it works). Especially if you don't have access to a Dorito truck as it would make such an endeavor quite difficult. Prepare yourselves....Winter is coming....

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Where are the Streamers? What, no Streamers?

So today I did something that many Americans have also done. I VOTED! (loud screams and applause). Now this was my first mid-term election EVER. I voted for the presidential race in 2008, but due to other circumstances, have not had the ability to vote since.

Now agree with voting or not, the reason this post comes up is because of all those that I ran into today that didn't vote. Not that they are objecting to the system, not because they didn't have time after work (I walked in at 7 after work, not an excuse unless you're working all day or have some other full day obligation....or if you aren't a resident...or a bear...anyways). My dilemma is that people my age are not voting. Not out of protest but because they really don't care. They didn't vote because they didn't know who they would be voting for. They didn't research. They didn't take the time to see who, whether they decide to vote or not, will be representing them in their state.

Now, this is a bit depressing to me. I've heard so many people that decide to object to voting because they feel that their voice will not be heard anyways. Fine, you don't wanna, don't do it. That is your right as an American. But to not even care who is running? kinda silly. It will effect you whether you object to it or not. So why not try and understand what is going to be happening to you over the next couple of years.

I'm 26. This is the second time I've voted in MY LIFE. I'm perfectly ok with this. Whether delusional or not, I feel like I'm contributing at least the tiniest little bit.(don't crush my dreams!) The place I went? they used paper ballads because they don't trust the machines. It's run by people who want to be there. It was a very positive feel after going through a typical customer service day where on a good day I've lost at least 5% of my faith in humanity. Consider that 5% restored after tonight. Looking like an idiot, wondering what to do, where to stick the ballot....worth it. Social anxiety problems totally worth it.

I know there are going to be many that disagree. I'm not saying you're an idiot for not voting. I'm saying that if you don't take the time to educate yourself about your future, that's irresponsible....and from a very new adult. Now I'm going to get into my footy pajamas and watch Disney movies....

Vix out.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Natures Little Wonder: Bee Vom

So lately I have been looking into different types of natural remedies mainly in part to some of the great suggestions I've gotten from my ever so clever readers. Clove oil for this, lemon oil for that, etc etc. One of the main things that I've been looking into stockpiling is HONEY.

Give that Bitch some Honey, Bitches LOVE Honey

See this 5lb monster? Yeah. local sweet gold. 18 bucks. You know what it can be used for? LOTS. Bee vomit can be used as an antibiotic, sweetener. OH THE POSSIBILITIES! We picked this guy up at one of those roadside stands on my yearly hunt for apples for my homemade applesauce. Seems like a bit of an expense, but if you think about it, pure, unprocessed (with all that junk in it like they have at the grocery store, sorry little honey bear...) never goes bad and it can be used for so many things. 

Honey can be used for wound care. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and has also been shown to hamper E. coli, salmonella, as well as fight staph. (you go little bee) I've also read that a tablespoon mixed with cinnamon can actually help with bladder infections as well. It can also be used to reduce inflammation in pimples. So there ya go. Keeping you pretty during the apocalypse brought to you by MDV ;) 

Do not give to babies though, until they are over a year old. Also, although not actually proven, if you get really bad allergies, you can start taking doses of local honey to build up an immunity to them. Some people don't really believe this, but hey, it actually worked for my brother so it really couldn't hurt. Now could it. (suck it up buttercup) I personally dislike the taste of honey, but it's uses outweigh the momentary "ew ew ew get it out of my mouth" feeling. For example: Buckwheat Honey:

The best way for me to describe Buckwheat Honey, is that it smells like a wet dog (tastes a little less like a wet dog, but really, it isn't so bad). I was at work with a terribly sore throat, and a coworker that actually raises bees handed me this. A spoonful of this every so often through the day, coats the throat (with it's antibacterial properties) and also works as a cough suppressant (or if that doesn't work, you could always just shove the jar in their mouth). I hated the taste, but it really helped. (and as with this jar, it starts to crystallize, but all you need to do is warm it up and it goes liquid again). It's like those nasty lemon honey cough drops, but you don't have to suck on it for like an hour (torture).

For me and Mr. Tactical, we actually got these to put into our bug-out bags:

Also purchased from the man with the bees, it's in an easy to use pouch (if crystallized, just stick in warm water. So it's simple in that aspect as well) with resealable spout. Good source of sugar if needed, and its antibacterial uses in the great outdoors. (Just hopefully it isn't bear season..... or ant season....) I was able to get six of these, two for our packs, and the remaining four for the pantry. (I can actually start stocking and supplying this if anyone is interested....if not....more for me anyways. And look at that sweet tactical packaging label).

Anyways, with the recent start of the preparation of our medical footlocker, This is also getting added into that box. Honey has many great uses and will never go bad, so you don't have to worry about using it within a certain amount of time, and really, can you afford not to have something like this? Prepare yourself. Use the time that you have to insure that you and your family will be comfortable and safe. Find natural options that can be gotten if commercial medication is not available. 

In short, bee bulimia is a benefit to you that you should really look into. Honey and it's many uses would definitely help in a SHTF situation and could also be used as a barter good (just like mini booze, but more useful....) And for serious. Look at this happy dude. You wish you could be as obliviously happy as this bear (silly bear).

Vix Out

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shark Week

Soooo keeping up with the topic of preparedness, I give you Shark Week. All the things that women don't really want to talk about, men don't want to think about, and will become a lot more embarrassing if you can't get the supplies that you need.

Exhibit A:

Congratulations. You made it. Feel free to giggle.

Lady sticks will obviously be a bit harder to come by during difficult times and Walgreen's (at the corner of happy and healthy) will most likely be ransacked or filled with drug addicted cannibals. So what's a girl to do during shark week? PREPARE. common theme here me thinks. There are some other alternatives to lady sticks and *quiver* ick ick ick "sanitary" nakkins. Some of which may be worse than the latter, but hey. You're going to be limited on what you will have access to.

Exhibit B: Reusable filth nakkins. Because that is what I really want to do. Sit all day thinking "oh god oh god oh god nononononononono". I guess that people in the olden days had to use these because really, it's all you had. But look! they come in all these fun colors, designs and prints! YES because i really want it to look like I've just started the great owl massacre of 2014. Plus side, it is reusable. Downside: yuck yuck yuck, and unless you have multiples, you're still screwed.

Exhibit C: The "Diva Cup" which I think would be the better option. There are other options beside this particular brand but doesn't it just sound so fancy! because when you want to stop leaks in the lady cave, I think "man I'm such a fancy diva ;)" Plus side, it is reusable, more sanitary, cleanable, and doesn't wear out. Downside, um well. you can't be skittish? you need small hands? Either way. It's a bit more discrete, unless you are a true diva, in which case the world really doesn't want to know about the goings on of your lady bits.

Exhibit D: Spon....wait. A fucking sponge? What is this? The Little Mermaid? well i guess being as this is shark week, although i would be tempted to hum under da sea 24/7. Plus side, All in all, reusable. Downside,  not as long lasting as the other previous alternative and it can only be so sanitary.... And lets face it. It's a sponge. All i would be able to think about is this.....

Or possibly Spongebob Square pants...but really "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh who lives in a lady cactus..." doesn't have the same ring to it....

There are a couple other alternatives as well, I've see stuff like this (hehehe happytooter) on this homemade website Etsy. They sell some pretty awesome homemade stuff. (other stuff. like non lady bits stuff) but really. If I want to learn how to crochet, this isn't going to be why....

Anyways. I'm pretty sure I've made most of you cringe, maybe cry a little, but really, you can only stock up on the disposables before you run out. Then what are you going to do? I mean there's know...babies. But really not the most practical way...Anyways, learn the ways to stock up for your hot pocket so no one else has to hear about it.

Vix out

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's Just A Flesh Wound

Most average people keep general first aid thingies in their house for the random papercut, kitchen accident, animal bite, macrame crafting accident etc... but only on the off chance that one of these things happens. Many don't think to keep more first aid supplies on hand than what it would take to use in about a month if it was really needed because, lets face it, you can really only lose so many limbs before you eventually have to seek medical help, and you can only do so much for your family if you're nubbin' it.

For the past couple of weeks this topic has been on my mind, and what would happen in a SHTF type situation. (not that I'm one of those crazy survivalist types *cough cough*) Say something happened and all you had to rely on was a blow out kit for a wound. "oh I'll just rig this....nasal pharyngeal tube to....damn it".

So for the past couple of weeks, I have been heading to my weekly trips to the store and coming home with a few first aid things every time i go. Band-aids, Gauze, Antibiotic Ointment; the things most every household has a small supply of in times of need. But I plan on going further. Full on "I'm not going to show up for work, and when they come looking, my house looks like an episode of hoarders and I've been trapped under a box full of sanitary wipes and have been surviving off of cotton balls for days" extreme.

Anyways, there's really no excuse to not be prepared when a roll of gauze costs about $1.50, and a two pack of antibiotic ointment is about $3. It's the same idea of picking up spare cans of food each time you go to the store. If you can eat, but have an infection because a squirrel attacked you when you're hunting and didn't have anything to disinfect with, there is really no point. So for the past couple of trips, this is what I've come up with, along with a few other things that just needed to be included.

So basically (from left to right), i have gauze pads and two sizes of Gauze, a flashlight (because if you can't see in the dark, you might sew something to the wrong place), different sized band-aids and butterfly closures, multiple warmer pads, wrist and athletic wrap, a finger splint, alcohol, peroxide, medical gloves, epsom salt, antibacterial hand stuff, ointment, and a non-electric thermometer. Most of this stuff you can find at your local drugstore and for not that much. As long as you have somewhere cool and dry to store this kind of thing, i would do it. If you can't take care of your families medical needs, you really need to think about your priorities. On a side note, if you do have a multi lense flashlight, it is best to use blue. This is because blood shows up black in the light, instead of red, because red doesn't show blood. The reason I bring this up is if you are in a survival/concealment scenario when you can not use a regular white light. (unless you're color blind....then please disregard this message).

Other supplies, you can get from your local outdoor store (Gander Mountain, Cabela's, Dick's *tehehe*) Mr. Tactical picked up these supplies (minus the little powder bottle...that's for the dog. They need first aid too.....later post. Got it) at Gander Mountain. The snake bit kit, I picked up off of amazon, along with some medical face masks that I just ordered today. It isn't hard, it just takes some planning.

All of this is going to be organized in these awesome boxes i picked up for a dollar each at a flea market, and placed in the a foot locker. See? Priorities. Get Your Shit Together. I'm 26 and for all intents and purposes, I should be more worried about painting my nails, shoes, and selfies (or whatever normal girls my age worry about), and I still manage to worry about this. What's your excuse? (omg these boxes are totes the shiz).

Mr. Tactical and I both have our strong points and tackle different aspects of preparedness in our household. He handles the tactical and protection aspect, and I handle the medical and food storage aspect. This makes it easier and less stressful because everyone basically has their own duties to focus on, and you'll actually want to survive WITH eachother. Have a plan. Be prepared. Don't end up eating people because you didn't take the proper precautions....that shit gives you the shakes.....

Vix Out.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Here Cometh Thine Doom!

Sooooo I was driving to work through the week and heard on the radio that Oblaspheme is planning on sending 3,000 troops to Liberia to combat Ebola. I get a feeling that he doesn't realize you cant just poke it with pointy objects, and that its actually a very deadly virus. But as said by the pResident "Faced with this outbreak, the world is looking to us, the United States, and it's a responsibility that we embrace, we are prepared to take leadership on this, to provide the type of capabilities that only America has and mobilize our resources in ways that only America can do."That only Americans can do huh? I keep hearing this "we" word. (you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means)

 Last i checked....playing golf wasn't part of assisting. Only caring about one hole and that's your own...

So I told my work companion about this and she made a very good point: why is it our problem? PRECISELY. (indubitably, pip pip). I mean seriously. Fine, so they aren't "supposed" to be in direct contact with the infected. Well I'm pretty sure that those wonderful blankets the Native Americans were given weren't in direct contact with infected when they decimated most of the population with sicknesses that were unable to be overcome. (But at least they were warm and snuggly in those death blankets huh? gotta look at the positives...) So anyways. there apparently is "minimal" risk to them becoming sick as well as bringing it back with them. Uh HUH. Soooooo basically you're telling me that out of 3,000 people, there isn't going to be one sick person to slip through the cracks, come home and cause Resident Evil all over again?(but instead of zombies, people will just be bleeding internally and externally, losing function of organs, and ya know...shitting themselves to death...) It's so bad, we have to send a BRIGADE over, but the threat is MINIMAL. I...just....I can't...(brain...slowly...stopping)

 Not to mention that you can take around 2-3 weeks to start showing symptoms. With no real treatment available and a death rate of 50-90%, on the off chance that you do survive, the virus can stay in your body for about 7 weeks in your bodily fluids (not to mention, in a dudes baby batter for about two one wants ebola infected lady bits...)

So all this shit that only America can do. Well, I'm pretty sure that I don't need someone making decisions for me (been doing it on my own for at least 3 years now) and volunteering up space and money for all this aid. Sending people over seas to combat a virus that we don't even have a way to help...why. And all those making their way IN to the country and not being escorted out with a nice cock of a shot gun to put a little giddyup in their step for good measure (a little juan on juan time jajajaja) What are we? Obama's ward for wayward illegals? Seems like it is coming to that.

I MEAN SERIOUSLY. SOMEONE HAD THE FUCKING PLAGUE. I mean, I enjoy going to the Renaissance fair about once a year, and hey corsets are pretty huggy, but seriously. What medieval shit is this? HARK! I haveth thine plague! I requireth some assistance! Letteth me taketh thine funds and useth them for mine relatives!(and their relatives and all their kids, and their kids kids etc etc etc) So then we will have plague infected zombies roaming America. I mean most of them are basically zombies anyways.

Not to mention all the other nasty things being brought back due to lack of vaccinations (but i digress). And people wonder why this country is going to shit. Not to mention people that take the constitution seriously are being seen as nut jobs but hey. What do I know. I'm just a girl.

Vix out.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lady Balls

Ok, let's face it. There are some things that our guys are better growing facial hair (well...for some people), picking things up and putting them down, peeing standing up...(unless you have one of these...) and just in general, things that are considered to be guy things. When I was growing up, i was always being told by my dad that it was a mans job to take care of me. However, as I've matured, I've realized that no man is going to want to take care of someone that can't take care of themselves (and that goes for women too).

 I've always wanted to show that I could pull my weight and do my part whether it be with regular household chores or helping with family matters as well. This is basically the point of this post. I feel like some women do not give themselves enough credit (apparently myself included) for the things that they do, especially when it comes to survival. I know that in myself and Mr. Tactical's household, there is a standard for protection, preparedness, and precaution. This is something that is always part of a conscientious decision to prepare and stock for any situation to sustain myself, my man, and any little ones that may eventually be cause for concern. 

This includes preparedness outside the home. Due to the possibility of EMP, solar flare, or other disaster happening while I'm at work (which is an hour away from home), there is always a bug out bag in my vehicle just in-case I get stranded at work, or along the side of the road with food and the possibility of a shelter if need be. This is something that I think everyone should have in their cars just as a safety precaution and basically just for common sense. Unfortunately, most people don't really see this as a necessity because they can just whip out their phone and call a tow...unless phones aren't working. Then what? People think I'm paranoid because i think of the "what if's" and the "then whats". I think it's a bit of proper planning, or you'll find yourself "proper fucked" (you like dags?)

I think it is great if you take an interest in your own safety. This goes for everyone. However, if you are in a relationship, you owe it to your partner, and you owe it to yourself to be squared away. Hell, you owe it to your family. Too many times have I seen women stand by while their men take care of everything, then when things go to shit, they don't know what to do or how to make decisions. This is a huge problem and could get people you care about injured or killed. I feel that women should have just as much training or at least some working knowledge of firearms, survival, and doing things outdoors (you can sleep outside, believe it or not). Who knows, you might be placed in a situation where the only person taking care of you, is you.

You have as much at stake as the men do, if not more if you have children. I applaud those women that have stepped up and took responsibility for their own safety and became an active part in preparing with your family. This world needs strong women, but the right kind of strong women. Believe it or not, there is always something that can be done. Whether it is buying a couple of spare cans of food each grocery store visit, or stocking up on medical supplies here and there, there is always a way to contribute. Now, are you willing to do your part? Do you have the balls (lady balls, thank you Megan) to protect everything you love?

Vix out

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You're Right. YOU shouldn't Have A Gun...

So this morning, during my normal facebook morning update, I came across a post that a friend had put on their page. Something about it just put me in such a state of " he serious?" that I just had to say my piece. Below is the image (edited because I'm such a nice person) that was posted to his page and his comment:

For this story, I have included the link. Basically what happened, was some dumbass was having an argument with his girlfriend, gun in hand, and it went off. Their 2 year old son happened to be standing outside, when the bullet went through a window and hit him. He later died. Now, at the bottom you will notice, that it states that this man in question is A FUCKING CONVICTED FELON! You know...someone whom for all intents and purposes, IS NOT SUPPOSED TO OWN A GUN. Although for starters, making light of the death of a child, "if only the kid had a gun to defend himself" on it's own is pretty fucked up...lets take this a little deeper shall we? (you know you want to). So. Increasing the amount of gun laws prevents law abiding citizens the ability to LEGALLY acquire a firearm, thus preventing them from being able to defend themselves from attackers. Ok same page. continue. Criminals. Criminals do not use legal means to obtain firearms. So per that fact, the new gun laws do not effect them in the slightest and they can continue dealin smack in da hood (or what have you) or smackin up on their baby mama's. Or in this case, waving a gun at said baby mama.

That gun did not have a conscious thought to shoot that child. It wasn't laying on the table untouched thinking "man i wanna waste something...that's lagging behind the rest like a baby wilda beast...he will be mine".  Nope. Didn't happen. My firearm lays in a drawer all day. It doesn't all of a sudden jump out and go hunting for my pets. What this is, is bad parenting. You have a two year old outside, while you are inside, waving a gun at your girlfriend during an argument. I don't know about you, but normally i just make snarky passive aggressive comments and maybe "accidentally" give something to the dog to destroy (what...what...i don't know where that went) And although I'm sure that men (and women) drive you crazy sometimes, i can't remember ever thinking waving my pistol around would be a good idea.  Mainly because I am a responsible adult as well as a responsible gun owner. I mean seriously. Let me lay some knowledge. Gun homicide rates are down. Link provided for all those fun boring statistics etc. etc.

Taking rights away from those that obey the law, so that you "might prevent more firearms getting into the hands of criminals" is the dumbest thing I've heard since vajazzling. If you don't know what that is...look it'll thank me later. Criminals will always find a way. You take away guns, they will use something else. Stabbings for instance. You gonna start banning butter knives? Oh you can only use a butter knife while buttering biscuits (lol) but not toast. toast is hard and can cut the roof of your mouth...ban on toast. Where does it end?

So anyways, i had to comment, and it spiraled into this huge debate where eventually my brother commented to the original post: "if only the kid had a gun to defend himself" with a swift "or maybe a dad that wasn't a convicted felon". Now I understand that accidents happen, and that some people wind up in jail for things that are outside their control. However. When it gets into judging a scenario based off of someone that was not supposed to have access to a gun shooting their child and making light of that fact by making a joke about if that kid had had a way to defend themselves, is going too far. Maybe, just MAYBE, it would have been more apropos to blame bad parenting.

So this is what had me fired up this morning, and it took all I had not to go to work late and start this post. But here you go. I did the RESPONSIBLE thing and went to work. How much better would we be if everyone started taking responsibility for their fuck ups instead of blaming it on inanimate objects? And on a side note...I'm just going to leave this here...because this is exactly how i feel when i see some dude posting anti-gun.

Vix out.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Man Chooses, A Slave Obeys...

During the past couple weeks, I've been finding it hard to find time to put my thoughts together about what to work on next....that and I've had some downtime to work on other things as well. In particular, I've been playing a couple of games in the Bioshock series and it kinda had me thinking. In the most recent, its a city in the sky, where basically they did not agree with the politics during that time period so they seceded  into a floating city where they could govern themselves led by a "prophet" who pretty much controlled everything anyways. It made me think about how today, nobody cares about what is going on, they will just blindly do what they are told because it is easier and doesn't take any thought. Most in my generation either do not care about the state of the country or how the president doesn't care about their rights and is willing to take them away to make it easier for him to further his own agenda. The lies, the executive orders, and the backhanded deals, but hey "what difference does it make".

I remember when Obama was elected. I was in college, an I had a friend from South Africa that was with me when it happened. He was so happy to have a "black president" and didn't really understand what was happening, but then again, he didn't care. He couldn't even vote anyways so really, it didn't effect him in the slightest what was happening to our country that day. That is what happened with most college students. They wanted to have something different. My roommate voted for him (which she later apologized for). I was surrounded by sheeple...
Instead of doing the research, instead of looking at the bills he wanted to put through during his presidency....the thought scared me even then. I'm sure they are beginning to understand now, now that they are working for themselves, paying bills, and wondering where their paycheck is going and what the government is doing with it. Wondering how those on EBT can have an iphone and get the newest Nike's? Yeah well they didn't work for it, it comes out of the paychecks of those actually working 9-5 without the ability to afford most necessities let alone the latest and greatest. But that's ok right? were contributing to the greater good of those less fortunate. From an early age, i was taught that you get what you work for. Guess that that no longer applies...

I honestly still do not understand how our "great and powerful leader" is still in office... HE IS TRYING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS PEOPLE!!! AND YOU DON'T FUCKING CARE!!! This is what is wrong with our once great nation. It was built on the belief that we were getting out from under a tyrannical ruler, but now we have just replaced it with another. Your right to free speech, your right to keep and bear arms, they are looking to take these things away. They've started performing warrant-less search and seizure of homes, hell, how lawful is throwing a flashbang grenade through an open window where it "accidentally" lands in a babies play pen and injures the child so much that they have to induce a coma? Where is the outrage? Where is the public standing up and saying "enough is enough, you don't own me". Everyone has gotten so stuck on their routine and being so glued to technology that they care more about the newest iphone or gadget then about the NSA invading their privacy or the safety of their family. Or those that expect someone else to pay for their kids because they don't have a job...  This....there is no explanation for this. But this is what has happened to our nation.

The upcoming generation needs a serious bitch slap right in the reality. I have never seen a group so entitled and spoiled in my life. If i had spoken to my parents the way that most kids do today, i would have gotten slapped in the mouth and sent to my room as i would quiver in fear. Now, you would get sent to jail or put on probation for child abuse. A child can utter the words "child protective services" and parents are now the one's quivering. However, they do not understand that they are the problem. "my child isn't spoiled they are just well provided for"....yes, and everyone else that is in the store while your child is having a meltdown over not getting what they want is thinking..."aw how sweet" NO they are thinking "man, that kid is an asshole".

Now, I personally do not have children, but when I do make that decision, A. I will be providing for my children and not expecting anyone else to do so, and B. will not let technology raise my child because i don't want to do it. I mean really, sometimes I almost wish for an EMP, just so people will lift their eyes from their smartphone and see what is happening in the world. Something has seriously got to change. Per my title (thank you Steel Ibeam and Bioshock :) and btw this applies to women too) A Man Chooses. A Slave Obeys....which are you?

Vix out

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Earlier this week I watched an episode of Inside Man, done by the same guy that did Supersize Me from the suggestion of a friend. Basically, this guy goes and works different jobs that would be considered controversial, and the topic of this episode; guns. It basically outlined the different views on guns and gun laws. Mainly, Constitutionalists, and the gun law agenda (yayyy Liberals).

 Morgan went to work in a gun shop to see what types of people were buying guns and what their reasons for doing so would be. During his time there, all kinds came in to exercise their constitutional right to protect themselves and their family. After completion of working at this profession, it went through the process of obtaining a firearm, and how it might possibly be lax as far as how little one has to go through for this process. It also went through gun law legislation and how they are trying to enforce ten round magazines and prevention of sales of assault rifles. During the filming of this episode, the Newtown School shootings happened (don't even get me started on how shady that entire incident post maybe?). After this, he went back to the shop to see how business was. It was completely empty aside from a smattering of handguns and shotguns; explanation of this was fear. Fear that their rights would be taken away and the government would prevent them from purchasing. 

All in all, it was a pretty well rounded argument. It leaned a little too close to my opposite opinion for me to wholly agree with it, but considering....he did pretty well.

Now I personally fall within those wanting to uphold our constitutional right as American citizens to keep and bear arms. However there are those that wish to change the rules basically because "when the constitution was written, there were no assault weapons". To this I say, when the constitution was written, there were those actively trying to take away our freedoms...wheres the difference? The enemy has better armed themselves, so why shouldn't we be better armed to protect ourselves from all enemies foreign and domestic. I own firearms. I agree with others owning firearms. (unless you're a psycho with a record of psychotic behavior) However, I do not agree with gun laws that prohibit law abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves. It is a statistical fact that the states with the strictest gun laws have the highest gun violence. This is because criminals can get firearms illegally, while regular citizens can not even legally purchase them. To this I also say, where there is a will, there is a way. If it were not a gun, it would be something else. How many stabbing sprees have been in the news lately? You don't see the government trying to ban butter knives.

I also believe that concealed carry permits save lives. If there were more citizens willing to do something instead of standing idly by, the world would be better off. If teachers were able to carry in schools, i would feel safer having my (future) children in a protected learning environment. I personally have this nifty contraption: 

It's called a flashbang goes in your bra...well in the middle. (Like a garter gun...but more practical as not all of us work at saloons) Not the most comfortable thing in the world but hey. When it comes to safety, when was anything ever comfortable (look at life jackets...). They can be found here btw and I would recommend it to any lady who has a concealed carry permit and a bra. Plus. It's made just for women so *raspberry noise*. 

Anyways. I believe that there are two sides to the ten round magazine discussion. Per an officer during this documentary, if someone were...shooting up a school for example...they would need to reload more frequently if they had a ten round magazine, giving more options for someone to go tackle their ass before they could harm more innocents. However, this argument seems to be solely geared towards school shootings which do not happen frequently, but get a hell of a lot of news coverage when they do. Now don't get me wrong, school shootings are a terrible thing, but I think that they are more a scapegoat for gun legislation. In the event a school shooting occurs, yes, a ten round magazine would be better as the criminal would need to change mags more often. However, in the event of government takeover, a police state, an EMP or solar flare, the zombie apocalypse, would be more effective. The time when we would need to have more rounds would then be the time when we would not have them and that would put us right where they want us. Now I don't want to sound like one of these conspiracy nutjobs, but doesn't it seem convenient that all of these shootings are going on right at the same time that gun legislation is being suggested? That there are strange ties between shootings that deserve explanation, but are getting none...

I'm sure I will have more to post on this later, or add more to this one, but coming from someone that is a bit new to all this, it just seems too convenient. I know many others feel the same way, and are actively doing things to prevent these laws from passing to protect our rights. Even going to Washington. (i try to stay as far away from that hole as possible). Just makes you wonder how some can just sit and do nothing...

Vix out.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Dream Crusher

During an interesting conversation that I had with a wonderful co-worker of mine (Hey Bestie!) about work, and college, and basically the way that we wound up in our current situation of employment, came the inspiration for my next post (rant). College. College was supposed to be this huge opportunity to get a big girl job in the "real world" with better pay, and benefits, and a new car, and a house, and puppies, and a man that gets you a big rock (still gunnin' for that one btw *wink wink nudge nudge*). Basically, a College education was supposed to pave the way for a better life and and great opportunities in the shiny new world. However, nothing was ever shiny (you can't stop the signal...).

Our current economic state is...well...less than optimal. With unemployment rates and a job market that has essentially hit the proverbial iceburg, were all going down on this ship. (you said you'd never let go Rose!).

Back in February of 2012, i was fresh out of Hood College's graduating class of 2011. Everything was full of opportunity and excitement. I had graduated in May, worked a summer job, took off a couple of months, then moved to be with my Mr. Tactical. I had hopes of a job in my field, that field being Psychology. I had always wanted to work with PTSD patients and returning soldiers and was confident my BA would get me there. 7 months later, after hundreds of applications, multiple job interviews and many stressful weeks of nothing, I finally got a a temporary a customer service call center. Now don't get me wrong, I am grateful every day for my job (now full time). However, this was not my dream. No one wants to look back on their life and really took a lot of calls...

A breakdown of college tuition at my school, Hood College, proceeds as follows:
Tuition: 33,620
Comprehensive Fee: 500
Room (with two people...mine was an Obama Voter): 6,080
Board (wtf is a vegan brownie?): 5,530
TOTAL: 45,730 for someone staying on campus.

For four years, my parents sucked up 127,190 in college debt with some help from my scholarships and grants. Not to mention the thousands of dollars spent on textbooks that might have been opened about 4 times. I am grateful that they were willing to do this for me, but that is a lot of student loan debt for them and for those that have to pay their own way through college. Then after that, to not be able to find a job, it's almost impossible to pay it off and very disheartening.

Some new legislation has also been allowed in some states with support from other states on giving undocumented immigrants the ability to qualify for in-state tuition fees. The same as a resident of the state. Now tell me how that seems right? I had to pay out of state tuition fees to attend my college. Someone who is not even legally in this country will have the ability to get lower tuition than a citizen (wonder if they can use EBT cards for that...)

So currently, unemployment is at it's highest point since 1982. During that time where I was searching for a job, I fell within the 6 million workers out of work for at least 6 month and had looked for a job within the last 30 days (try about 40 jobs or more per month). College grads are over qualified for most jobs, but under qualified for the ones they want, leaving them monkey in the middle (worst. game. ever. for short people).

I'm not sure how any of this can be solved. The price of living has gone up, pay has stayed the same, and jobs are few and far between. I feel like something drastic has to happen in order for the system to be reset. One of these days, I'm going to pray for apocalypse so that I no longer have to worry about my car payment, or the grocery bill....bills in general...

Anyone wanna build a cabin???

Vix out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thoughts on Morality...

Due to the most recent holiday for those lovely ladies that decided to allow us to live until adulthood (hi mom), I figured that this would be my first topic of discussion. So during the long drive home Sunday, Mr. Tactical and I were having a discussion about mothers and babies etc. due to a family member currently going through the process of becoming a mother. Through this, the discussion of mothers day cards came up and whether you would get an expectant mother a mothers day card or gift since technically, they are a "mother to be" I said yes, He said no. After an interesting conversation about "you aren't a mother unless you've changed a diaper (not argument, where i may or may not have threatened scalping if i were not to get a card in such a situation) I found out that the hilarious Mr. Tactical was just screwing with me and indeed did feel the same as I in thinking that if you are carrying a child, you are a mother. Reason being is, that if you are responsible for the care of that child, whether through accident or decision, you are a mother. 

Per this topic, I've been thinking a bit more in depth. The term morality came to mind and a particular discussion that occurred over the weekend about the definition. Morality being defined as: A Particular system of values and conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society, or principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

During this discussion, there were a few topics of interest , on being abortion and it's moral standing. Although morality was defined as being the norm for a particular group of people and what they would deem morally right (like cannibals) I do not see that as fully correct. I believe that morals are beliefs that are not only set by the individual, but also partially by society. No matter what the situation, Rape is not morally right. Murder is not morally what about abortion?

Now normally with a discussion about this disgusting topic, I tend to hear "oh it's the woman's right to decide because it's her body" or "it isn't a baby yet" well then what the hell is it? A velociraptor? I believe that if someone is adult enough to make the decision to be intimate with someone, they should take responsibility for their actions and the consequences that might ultimately arise by those actions, no matter how "inconvenient". On that same aspect, I don't believe that healthcare should pay for such a procedure as it is a choice and it is murder.

Another topic that just makes my head spin, PETA. PETA, the "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals". But what about Americans? Where are the activist groups throwing blood on the abortion doctors killing infants? Where was the outpour of disgust and loathing when Dr. Kermit Gosnell murdered living newborn babies with scissors? Per ze boyfriend, "Be a hero, save a whale, Save a baby, go to jail". 

Now Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the proper treatment of animals and own my own little furry hoard. I mean...look at that face...

And if anyone has not had the chance to watch Earthlings, I would highly recommend it (with tissues). But just the fact that PETA cares more about the animals of the world then their own species survival is just horrendous. How can somtheing that is such a blessing, not be considered alive? To those couples that have been trying and trying to have a child, they're alive. To those parents that experience a miscarriage, they're alive. But for the irresponsible, it's just a decision.

Now i do not have children of my own (aside from the furry ones), and I could not even begin to imagine taking care of a miniature version of me, but that does not mean that I would not consider them a child and say "screw it, I can always have more". 

I do not understand what has happened to society where this has become the norm. That this has become what most people deem moral. Some days all you can do is shake your head and pray. 

Vix out.

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Different View

So starting off something new is always a little difficult, but being as I feel like i have something important that needs to be stated, I figured I would start here. I've had a blog before that went absolutely nowhere other than a funny post here or there. After a informative weekend with a bunch of like minded people, and this pretty sweet peacock...

I figured i would share my thoughts, questions, concerns about the current state of things and my views as a...young woman? sounds kinda stupid. um...a human of the female variety.

I find it a bit interesting and a bit depressing at the same time how most people my age today, just don't get "it". By "it" I mean the shitty state of things going on in the United States right now. The corruption, the two face politicians, the backhanded deals going on in the White House. Although none of this is surprising or new to me, most people within my age bracket think everything is fine or dont care if it is. They only care about what is going on right now and what new Iphone is coming out. Now don't take me wrong, I love my smartphone...and my game systems...and Netflix....*ahem* anyways.

Now most 25 year old girls are more concerned about what new filter they can use on instagram for their #selfies, who is following them on their twitter accounts, or what celebrity is havin' babies named after directions. Although I do tend to take a bunch instagram photos of my cats, I also realize that all of these luxuries could go away with the drop of a hat...or an EMP...or another executive order by head asshat, for the American people to say "fuck it, I've had enough".

Believe me...BDU's are not very fashionable.Or comfortable. Especially since they are kinda made for guys, but get stuck in the rain in a pair of blue jeans and puma's instead of some goretex boots and tell me how damp and uncomfortable you are for the rest of the day. Freeze dried food isn't a's a baggie you add water to, to reconstitute whatever the hell they put in it. But hey, It's going to be better than starving. Never had of having an MRE yet, but hey, why try it until I have to.

I've heard it enough from my boyfriend that I tend to not see the world as most people my age do. This tends to lead to some interesting conversations with my friends and family that don't understand that this is part of me too. I've caught shit before for the canned goods, the bug out bag in my car, the fact that I can things, love getting away for a nice weekend in the woods (no plumbing included...and no wifi).

We currently live an hour away from my job. I've had friends/family tell me, you don't carry your gun enough to need it, you don't need a concealed carry permit, just move to MD. Yes...that's it. Move to MD. And that right there is the reason that I am starting this blog. The fact that having protection in MD would be based off of someone else's opinion of need and not my desire to be able to defend myself from threat is BS. And the fact that no one else would care about protecting their own rights and lives is just as scary.

So my boyfriend teaches classes on survival and tactics and things, and I tend to go when he teaches classes and have been doing so for the (over) two year's we've been together. Although I go mostly for support, you tend to pick up things along the way and it kind of...sticks. When I think about the state of the country these days, it scares me. Not knowing if by tomorrow, everything that we now know as reality will be gone and will be some sick version of One Second After...

I'm sure I will come up with some more perspectives on things, but i figured i would keep this short and sweet with enough explanation.

MDV out.