Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thoughts on Morality...

Due to the most recent holiday for those lovely ladies that decided to allow us to live until adulthood (hi mom), I figured that this would be my first topic of discussion. So during the long drive home Sunday, Mr. Tactical and I were having a discussion about mothers and babies etc. due to a family member currently going through the process of becoming a mother. Through this, the discussion of mothers day cards came up and whether you would get an expectant mother a mothers day card or gift since technically, they are a "mother to be" I said yes, He said no. After an interesting conversation about "you aren't a mother unless you've changed a diaper (not argument, where i may or may not have threatened scalping if i were not to get a card in such a situation) I found out that the hilarious Mr. Tactical was just screwing with me and indeed did feel the same as I in thinking that if you are carrying a child, you are a mother. Reason being is, that if you are responsible for the care of that child, whether through accident or decision, you are a mother. 

Per this topic, I've been thinking a bit more in depth. The term morality came to mind and a particular discussion that occurred over the weekend about the definition. Morality being defined as: A Particular system of values and conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society, or principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

During this discussion, there were a few topics of interest , on being abortion and it's moral standing. Although morality was defined as being the norm for a particular group of people and what they would deem morally right (like cannibals) I do not see that as fully correct. I believe that morals are beliefs that are not only set by the individual, but also partially by society. No matter what the situation, Rape is not morally right. Murder is not morally right...so what about abortion?

Now normally with a discussion about this disgusting topic, I tend to hear "oh it's the woman's right to decide because it's her body" or "it isn't a baby yet" well then what the hell is it? A velociraptor? I believe that if someone is adult enough to make the decision to be intimate with someone, they should take responsibility for their actions and the consequences that might ultimately arise by those actions, no matter how "inconvenient". On that same aspect, I don't believe that healthcare should pay for such a procedure as it is a choice and it is murder.

Another topic that just makes my head spin, PETA. PETA, the "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals". But what about Americans? Where are the activist groups throwing blood on the abortion doctors killing infants? Where was the outpour of disgust and loathing when Dr. Kermit Gosnell murdered living newborn babies with scissors? Per ze boyfriend, "Be a hero, save a whale, Save a baby, go to jail". 

Now Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the proper treatment of animals and own my own little furry hoard. I mean...look at that face...

And if anyone has not had the chance to watch Earthlings, I would highly recommend it (with tissues). But just the fact that PETA cares more about the animals of the world then their own species survival is just horrendous. How can somtheing that is such a blessing, not be considered alive? To those couples that have been trying and trying to have a child, they're alive. To those parents that experience a miscarriage, they're alive. But for the irresponsible, it's just a decision.

Now i do not have children of my own (aside from the furry ones), and I could not even begin to imagine taking care of a miniature version of me, but that does not mean that I would not consider them a child and say "screw it, I can always have more". 

I do not understand what has happened to society where this has become the norm. That this has become what most people deem moral. Some days all you can do is shake your head and pray. 

Vix out.


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  2. Well said Sweetheart.

  3. Oh, my gosh, I am so embarrassed. Thankfully, you either missed my flub, or saw through the error. I certainly did not mean to write that rape was excusable. I meant to say abortion. So, I deleted that comment, and rewrote it, here, with the correction.

    I came to know about your blog by way of a recommendation on the Knuckledraggin My Life Away site, and your first post has gained you a reader, in me. I so rarely hear what I consider the voice of reason, regarding the topic of abortion. I share your opinion that life begins at conception, and abortion simply because a child would be inconvenient is no excuse. I don't know if you share my opinion that abortion would be excusable, in the case of pregnancy as a result of rape, or if there is a known serious birth defect, but I would not want to pressure a woman into bearing a child under those circumstances. I also share your opinion that a pregnancy should be planned, not just happen by accident, due to failure to use contraception. While I understand that no form of contraception is 100% guaranteed, to not even try is irresponsible.
    Now, if I may, I would like to ask your opinion on whether rape jokes are acceptable. I keep getting into arguments with people who believe making jokes about rape is OK, and I should not be offended because "they are just jokes". To me, it seems that thinking there is anything humorous about rape means at least a partial belief that the act of rape itself is acceptable. And I cannot help but feel like screaming when someone uses the "just a joke" excuse.
    Well, sorry for the verbal diarrhea,, and thanks for listening.
    Keep up the good work, here.

    1. I completely agree that rape is never funny. And I also agree that there are circumstances where abortion would be more acceptable such as rape or possible complications. Most people nowadays however just see it as a choice and I don't believe (in most cases) that it is.

  4. Hunters and fisherman do more for Pennsylvania's wildlife and conservation than ANY Peta member ever will. Besides, we all know what happened last time an Octo-copter came into the game lands in PA dont we?
    In Liberty,