Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snowmageddon 2015 and You! tips and tricks

So while sitting here in our home, snuggly and warm....well kinda warm, with Mr. Tactical, as it is snowing its balls off (haha snowballs) I realize that I'm pretty grateful for the things that I have. A house (full of blankets), warm clothes, and a warm boyfriend to stick my cold extremities on. It's times like this where I'm bundled up and working from home that I wonder, lets just say, what would have or could have happened if I did have to go to work today. I have friends that don't have anything in their car in case of emergency. I know that not most people can fit in their car is not the same as what I can put in mine, but you have to do something. I got stuck at work last week with a dead battery and no jumper cables and I felt helpless, so what would happen if say you got stuck out in the elements for even the shortest amount of time? It is cold as a witches tit outside (is that still a thing? witches tit?)

So for starters, what would you say would be good things to have in your car in case of an emergency? well for starters, what can keep you warm in an emergency? I've got plans. Plans on plans. Always have a spare change of clothes, something that will be durable and if you wind up getting wet for some reason, you have something dry to change into. I have a blanket as well as a sleeping bag in my car just in case I get stranded for any amount of time in the below freezing temperatures. I also have a pair of Matterhorn insulated boots....ebay...$45, it isn't that difficult to plan for emergencies Having some form of nibbles or snackums handy wouldn't be such a bad idea either, i mean really, all of that chihuahua shivering really burns some calories.

Another good idea would be to have some kind of first aid preps in place just in case there are cuts and scrapes along the way as well as if you run into others that may have had some mishaps. You know me, I've done other posts concerning medical supplies and how I am about hoarding useful things (*cough* boyfriend *cough*). 

Two words: FLARE GUN (you know, if that kind of thing is legal in your state) It doesn't take up much space and can be put underneath a seat or something. It could mean the difference between being stuck in a snow drift and no way for anyone to find you (turning into a human popsicle...mmmm delicious) and being found by another driver.

Also, (unfortunately) if you have kids that are driving (ok she isn't mine, but.....she's mine) it would be good to have them prepped to the point where their friends look in the trunk and go "O EM GEE I can't even!" (yeah....that serious) Get them one of those window breaky/seat belt cutty things, fill every nook and cranny with useful things and make sure they know how and when to use them. Keep yo kids safe. I've got a hand crank cell phone charger in my vehicle in case my car and my phone die. You know how kids are with cell phones...

Basically all you need to do is just think "hmmm if I was stuck in the cold, what could i not live without for at least a couple of hours" and then stuff as much of that shit in your car as you possibly can without seeming like one of those weird car hoarders where it't nothing but empty food containers and clothes.

Oh! and my cat caught a mouse today! 

So I'm going to sit here all snuggled up with my guy and my pup, under my fuzzums blanket, full of pizza, and watch a movie. Be safe, stay warm, and keep prepping!

Vix Out