Sunday, May 18, 2014


Earlier this week I watched an episode of Inside Man, done by the same guy that did Supersize Me from the suggestion of a friend. Basically, this guy goes and works different jobs that would be considered controversial, and the topic of this episode; guns. It basically outlined the different views on guns and gun laws. Mainly, Constitutionalists, and the gun law agenda (yayyy Liberals).

 Morgan went to work in a gun shop to see what types of people were buying guns and what their reasons for doing so would be. During his time there, all kinds came in to exercise their constitutional right to protect themselves and their family. After completion of working at this profession, it went through the process of obtaining a firearm, and how it might possibly be lax as far as how little one has to go through for this process. It also went through gun law legislation and how they are trying to enforce ten round magazines and prevention of sales of assault rifles. During the filming of this episode, the Newtown School shootings happened (don't even get me started on how shady that entire incident post maybe?). After this, he went back to the shop to see how business was. It was completely empty aside from a smattering of handguns and shotguns; explanation of this was fear. Fear that their rights would be taken away and the government would prevent them from purchasing. 

All in all, it was a pretty well rounded argument. It leaned a little too close to my opposite opinion for me to wholly agree with it, but considering....he did pretty well.

Now I personally fall within those wanting to uphold our constitutional right as American citizens to keep and bear arms. However there are those that wish to change the rules basically because "when the constitution was written, there were no assault weapons". To this I say, when the constitution was written, there were those actively trying to take away our freedoms...wheres the difference? The enemy has better armed themselves, so why shouldn't we be better armed to protect ourselves from all enemies foreign and domestic. I own firearms. I agree with others owning firearms. (unless you're a psycho with a record of psychotic behavior) However, I do not agree with gun laws that prohibit law abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves. It is a statistical fact that the states with the strictest gun laws have the highest gun violence. This is because criminals can get firearms illegally, while regular citizens can not even legally purchase them. To this I also say, where there is a will, there is a way. If it were not a gun, it would be something else. How many stabbing sprees have been in the news lately? You don't see the government trying to ban butter knives.

I also believe that concealed carry permits save lives. If there were more citizens willing to do something instead of standing idly by, the world would be better off. If teachers were able to carry in schools, i would feel safer having my (future) children in a protected learning environment. I personally have this nifty contraption: 

It's called a flashbang goes in your bra...well in the middle. (Like a garter gun...but more practical as not all of us work at saloons) Not the most comfortable thing in the world but hey. When it comes to safety, when was anything ever comfortable (look at life jackets...). They can be found here btw and I would recommend it to any lady who has a concealed carry permit and a bra. Plus. It's made just for women so *raspberry noise*. 

Anyways. I believe that there are two sides to the ten round magazine discussion. Per an officer during this documentary, if someone were...shooting up a school for example...they would need to reload more frequently if they had a ten round magazine, giving more options for someone to go tackle their ass before they could harm more innocents. However, this argument seems to be solely geared towards school shootings which do not happen frequently, but get a hell of a lot of news coverage when they do. Now don't get me wrong, school shootings are a terrible thing, but I think that they are more a scapegoat for gun legislation. In the event a school shooting occurs, yes, a ten round magazine would be better as the criminal would need to change mags more often. However, in the event of government takeover, a police state, an EMP or solar flare, the zombie apocalypse, would be more effective. The time when we would need to have more rounds would then be the time when we would not have them and that would put us right where they want us. Now I don't want to sound like one of these conspiracy nutjobs, but doesn't it seem convenient that all of these shootings are going on right at the same time that gun legislation is being suggested? That there are strange ties between shootings that deserve explanation, but are getting none...

I'm sure I will have more to post on this later, or add more to this one, but coming from someone that is a bit new to all this, it just seems too convenient. I know many others feel the same way, and are actively doing things to prevent these laws from passing to protect our rights. Even going to Washington. (i try to stay as far away from that hole as possible). Just makes you wonder how some can just sit and do nothing...

Vix out.

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