Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You're Right. YOU shouldn't Have A Gun...

So this morning, during my normal facebook morning update, I came across a post that a friend had put on their page. Something about it just put me in such a state of " he serious?" that I just had to say my piece. Below is the image (edited because I'm such a nice person) that was posted to his page and his comment:

For this story, I have included the link. Basically what happened, was some dumbass was having an argument with his girlfriend, gun in hand, and it went off. Their 2 year old son happened to be standing outside, when the bullet went through a window and hit him. He later died. Now, at the bottom you will notice, that it states that this man in question is A FUCKING CONVICTED FELON! You know...someone whom for all intents and purposes, IS NOT SUPPOSED TO OWN A GUN. Although for starters, making light of the death of a child, "if only the kid had a gun to defend himself" on it's own is pretty fucked up...lets take this a little deeper shall we? (you know you want to). So. Increasing the amount of gun laws prevents law abiding citizens the ability to LEGALLY acquire a firearm, thus preventing them from being able to defend themselves from attackers. Ok same page. continue. Criminals. Criminals do not use legal means to obtain firearms. So per that fact, the new gun laws do not effect them in the slightest and they can continue dealin smack in da hood (or what have you) or smackin up on their baby mama's. Or in this case, waving a gun at said baby mama.

That gun did not have a conscious thought to shoot that child. It wasn't laying on the table untouched thinking "man i wanna waste something...that's lagging behind the rest like a baby wilda beast...he will be mine".  Nope. Didn't happen. My firearm lays in a drawer all day. It doesn't all of a sudden jump out and go hunting for my pets. What this is, is bad parenting. You have a two year old outside, while you are inside, waving a gun at your girlfriend during an argument. I don't know about you, but normally i just make snarky passive aggressive comments and maybe "accidentally" give something to the dog to destroy (what...what...i don't know where that went) And although I'm sure that men (and women) drive you crazy sometimes, i can't remember ever thinking waving my pistol around would be a good idea.  Mainly because I am a responsible adult as well as a responsible gun owner. I mean seriously. Let me lay some knowledge. Gun homicide rates are down. Link provided for all those fun boring statistics etc. etc.

Taking rights away from those that obey the law, so that you "might prevent more firearms getting into the hands of criminals" is the dumbest thing I've heard since vajazzling. If you don't know what that is...look it'll thank me later. Criminals will always find a way. You take away guns, they will use something else. Stabbings for instance. You gonna start banning butter knives? Oh you can only use a butter knife while buttering biscuits (lol) but not toast. toast is hard and can cut the roof of your mouth...ban on toast. Where does it end?

So anyways, i had to comment, and it spiraled into this huge debate where eventually my brother commented to the original post: "if only the kid had a gun to defend himself" with a swift "or maybe a dad that wasn't a convicted felon". Now I understand that accidents happen, and that some people wind up in jail for things that are outside their control. However. When it gets into judging a scenario based off of someone that was not supposed to have access to a gun shooting their child and making light of that fact by making a joke about if that kid had had a way to defend themselves, is going too far. Maybe, just MAYBE, it would have been more apropos to blame bad parenting.

So this is what had me fired up this morning, and it took all I had not to go to work late and start this post. But here you go. I did the RESPONSIBLE thing and went to work. How much better would we be if everyone started taking responsibility for their fuck ups instead of blaming it on inanimate objects? And on a side note...I'm just going to leave this here...because this is exactly how i feel when i see some dude posting anti-gun.

Vix out.


  1. I aagree (in principal at least). I am a convicted federal felon (it's easy to become one too) and I am not allowed even a knife with a blade longer that 2 3/4 inches. No bows, no arrows no firearms of any type including black powder and even non-functional replica firearms or BB guns or Airsoft. Even spears and slingshots are prohibited items for a federal felon (non-violent, convicted of a white collar crime). I don't agree with it, but that is the reality. I don't have any protective weapons and the only offensive weapons I possess are a quick wit, assault keyboard and a big mouth. That's it and that is not likely to change unless the SHTF.
    I find it deplorable that this young child has died because an idiot that never should have been on the streets in the first place, WAS on the street and in possession of a firearm. I truly shake my head at the fall of our society, the lack of moral foundation and even basic respect for others. I guess if you were raised in a "if it feels good do it" culture you never develope the idea of others, only of self, wants and desires are your needs and everyone else be damned!
    I weep for America and what we could have been.

  2. "She said we should both see other men"...nice Vix :)