Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wait...You Used This for What??

So I'm a bit of a videogame nerd and recently got through "The Last of Us" (amazingly epic game, great graphics and awesome story). But basically there is this disease that infects people and you start playing (really playing) 20 years after said outbreak. You find old tv's, laptops, toys; things that wont really have as much of a place in the new world if there is some kind of collapse. The world will basically be completely different for new generations. So really, there are going to be things that would not make any sense to anyone that didn't grow up in that time (guess it already works a little that way but meh, this coming generation are already zombies anyway).

I was at work the other day and I have this cup that I got at some Christmas event a couple of years ago, and it made me wonder about all the things that, in the case of complete economic shutdown, years later, wouldn't make any fucking sense.

"I hate mondays" : Kinda funny now, because....well Mondays suck (i guess only if you don't work weekends). But in the case of total shut down, everyday will pretty much thus the not making any sense.

The Kardashians: I mean, honestly. Have you ever seen a group of more useless people? (aside from the white house (new conspiracy: the Kardashians are running the white house...)) I'm sure the conversation would go like this: "sooo they were famous and got do nothing. They just did stuff and got paid for it? WTF I have to jump through hoops just to get my ration card..." Our society tries to glorify idiots who do nothing useful.

Most forms of currency: Unless it's edible, or has some form of use, currency won't really have much of a place in the world. I get a feeling that trade goods would become the new currency (or hell it could be bottlecaps like in fallout, or ration cards...).

Electronics: Honestly, that $1,000 Mac, or that expensive apple watch would just become glorified paper weights (and my gaming systems would never turn on again.....omg. I'd cry sad sad nerdy tears). Kinda one of those eye openers of spend money on trips/family, not things. Unless it's tactical things.....or guns....yes. Yet another reason why I have a nook, but still prefer to buy actual books. Other than just liking books...

Camping: Life will literally be like one big camping trip. People will not believe that you actually went out into the wilderness for "fun" and not for survival. You build a fire to stay warm and to cook food. "s'more, wtf is a s'more" (I mean real S'mores. not that BS yogurt/strawberry s'more they are trying to pass off now to be "healthy". S'mores aren't about healthy, they are about fucking american summer fire fun food. leave it alone) Soooo invest in sleeping bags....or supplies to make a hooch..

Non-hairy Women: I hate to say it because I love having legs as smooth as baby dolphins.....but most women will have to forego the razor due to lack of said razor, or due to trying to stay warmer. It's gonna suck. You're going to feel like you're snugglin a squatch....but hey. Furry love is better than no love at all...

Most forms of Communication: Not like you can hop in your land rover and go hit up your girl anytime you want. Cell Phones will be out (and the land rover). You'll most likely have to ruck over to see anyone, or try and set up a communication system like in The Postman....although not as cool because seriously...Kevin MFing Costner... (seriously though, good movie...)

Zoo's/Aquariums: Most of the animals that could escape, would escape, turning the world into a Safari. Sorry to say most of the Aquarium would be doomed though... (sorry Nemo)

This is all I could come up with currently, but I know that there are many many more. Feel free to comment with others that you can think of. Also, play The Last of'll thank me later....

Vix out...

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